Depth | from the first to substitute, from favorite to outcast, Wu Lei stay abroad career how to evaluate?

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Ahead of the much-anticipated arrival of Gathebi, wu lei became the talk of the town again after a video of his goal in the 2019/20 away draw against Barcelona was released by la Liga officials on social media.In lei to la liga to join the Spanish in 2018, when he is the only one among domestic established players based on European league players, today, in addition to Shao Ziyang liu, li lei has successively joined bayern Munich and super team grasshoppers, the rest of the such as WeiShiHao, yuning zhang international matters abroad have also been on the agenda,It seems that because of Wu Lei’s progress, overseas now has become a new trend of domestic players.So, since Wu Lei has become a new generation of Chinese football players liuyang enlightenment figure, we on his performance so far liuyang what kind of evaluation should be made?Let’s discuss it from multiple angles and see if he’s living up to expectations.Spanish career overall failure, difficult, John and fan4 zhi4 yi4 predecessors par lei joined the Spanish since the 2018/19 season so far, although once had a bright eye, such as has been mentioned before as a substitute to help people absolutely flat to Barcelona in Spain, and help the spaniards in the 2018/19 season success for a champions league qualification,And reached the last 16 of the Europa League in a historic fashion the following year.In most of the time, however, lei in the Spanish squad is just a dispensable substitute, not only playing time, even occasionally catch chance, it is hard to help the team on the pitch, especially in the recent two years, lei game playing time less and less, in the west b league last season averaging 34 minutes,His return to La Liga this season has been further reduced to just 24 minutes, and his status in the squad has become almost invisible, as evidenced by the isolation and isolation of his team-mates during the Copa del Rey penalty shootout.Lei are rarely get the chance to play, of course, is not without reason, moreno give him playing time at the start of the season’s game, lei not only useless goals or assists to prove himself, but is repeatedly missed single-pole opportunity, this makes moreno made up his mind to put him on the bench, if he wants to return to the rotation,Then it will take another heroic moment like the stunning draw against Barcelona.In the degree of success of staying abroad, Wu Lei is obviously unable to compare with the predecessors of Chinese football, such as the blue Moon bright star sun Jihai, crystal Palace star Fan Zhiyi, Frankfurt star Yang Chen and so on.Sun Jihai joined Manchester City as a defender at the beginning and occupied the main position of Manchester City for a long time. Even if he became a rotation player due to injury problems in the later period, he did not hinder the image of “China Sun” in the hearts of Manchester City fans.Fan Zhiyi was also a key player at Crystal Palace. His versatility made him captain of crystal Palace and he even had the chance to join Liverpool or Newcastle United if not for his country.As for the bundesliga Jody abroad in the ninety s, he didn’t like John and fan4 zhi4 yi4 as the main body for a long time, but in the first two seasons in Frankfurt, is one of the team can hold the bundesliga seat thigh, today, he still was made official by the Frankfurt as a legend, its status is high.With these famous successful cases in front, Wu Lei’s overseas career is far from being successful, but the significance of his overseas career is far from that.On a personal level, lei career abroad indeed made on the technical ability progress lei before start to la liga, already with 27 goals league data the super foreign aid, the pressure to become super golden boot when the season, the value of the golden boot, you know, which is not including the penalty,Because Wu Lei in the Shanghai SIPG team at that time in the penalty spot after Hulk and Oscar two big foreign aid, it is not an exaggeration to call it the history of the first soil cannon.However, it must be admitted that lei of the golden boot relies heavily on Oscar and hulk for him to fire support, lei most of the time is a chance to run known type striker, the end of his ability and the capacity for independent attack, even after he won the Chinese super golden boot, also still criticism, when the outside world for prediction of his life abroad,Also expressed concern about his lack of competence.After starting his career as a Spaniard, Wu lei was also troubled by his poor technical ability. Because of the lack of progress in the handling of the single ball and the running style of playing that requires more support from the midfield, he was lost in moreno’s tactics of emphasizing the passing and the cooperation between the midfield and the front.Although we remain unable to people in Spain that lei has the ability to as the starting and the main players, but it is undeniable that he who in Spain this time, the progress is obvious, especially in the frontcourt of actual combat experience and the improvement of individual capabilities, he now has a player is already a national team of thigh, this,From him during the World Cup qualifier stage with 12 goals of data in a World Cup qualifier second top scorer in Asia can see come out, while a third goal from the penalty, but fair to say that most of this penalty is lei made himself, he benefited from her career abroad all-round progress of personal ability, help him now to improve the position of the national team,This may be the biggest harvest of Wu Lei’s La Liga career.Lei’s personal success or failure abroad is second, enlightenment and leading role of the more important for young players in lei abandoned in domestic millions RMB salary before the dream go to la liga, domestic senior team players abroad overall record has always been blank, CSL jinyuan football brings higher wages, as well as the individual ability and the lack of a better mousetrap,Has become an important factor that hinders players to pursue their dreams bravely. For example, Wei Shihao said frankly when talking about why he returned to China that he could not survive abroad and came back to make money.And lei in personal peak abandon must salary open her career abroad, is finally broke the status quo of domestic players, the determination to see lei and his tremendous progress, to encourage players to brave go abroad arguments began to become the mainstream speech, until recently joined bayern Munich Shao Ziyang high-profile liu, li lei to older players who joined grasshoppers,Slogans and theories were finally put into practice.With the continuous decline of The National football team and the Chinese Super League falling into the ground, it is almost certain that more and more domestic players will start their overseas career under the support of the policy. Although Wu Lei is not the promoter, he is undoubtedly the pioneer and the inspiration. When everyone enjoys the comfort brought by the extremely high salary,His courage to break free from comfort is something we should all recognize.Therefore, we can assert that the success or failure of Wu Lei’s personal stay abroad is the second thing, and the more important thing for the majority of Chinese fans and Chinese football is that his enlightenment and leading role for young players is more crucial and important.Football is a sport with temperature, not by adversities hero football as a form of competitive sports, the result is important, but human changes in temperature and the temperature of the heart is more important, when we are hard on lei’s every move, might as well think about he brings more positive effects, as well as certain he dare to change, out of the comfort zone of courage and bravery,If Chinese football more than a few Wu Lei, more than a few Wang Shuang, so today we and Korea and Japan football gap will be slowly narrowed, the future will become one day, will also become a football power.