I am a left-behind woman. My husband works in Beijing, but he is not allowed to visit his relatives in Beijing if he has a lover

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Netizen letter said: my hometown shanxi a village, my husband and my neighbor village, our marriage is the product of blind date.When we got married, we bought a house in our county. Because we had to pay the mortgage every month, my husband went to Work in Beijing shortly after our child was born. The original intention of my husband went to work in Beijing was to increase his income, pay off the mortgage as soon as possible and save some money for our child.Because of some reason, my husband and I can not go to Beijing to work, so I stay at home, and work in the store near my home, my income every month can barely cope with my child and I daily expenses, and her husband in Beijing income out of the mortgage and his daily pocket money, the rest of the money is saved.In a twinkling of an eye, we have been together less and more apart for five years. At the beginning, my husband often told me that he would come back to me and our children if he worked hard for a few more years. However, in the last six months, my husband seemed to be indifferent to me.At this point, MY judgment was that something was wrong with my husband.So I wanted to visit my family in Beijing, but my husband refused.Meanwhile, my husband told me the truth: he had a temporary partner while working in Beijing.My husband’s attitude on this matter: he definitely won’t reorganize the family with the other party, but he also doesn’t want to affect their relatively stable life because OF my frequent visits to Beijing.As her husband’s legal lover, she had to ask permission to visit her husband and felt like a lowly presence in the relationship.So I gave my husband a choice: return to work with me and the kids, or get a divorce.Because of my strong attitude, my husband finally had to quit his job in Beijing and come back to me.Because my husband had learned so much in Beijing these years, he did not look for a job after he came back to me, but started his own business of fried food and selling drinks, not to mention earning tens of thousands of yuan every month.Now that our lives are back on track, I’m trying to get over my husband’s betrayal.The purpose of marriage is actually quite many, including passing on the family name, but also includes the formation of a good companion between the couple.However, for some families, the necessity of work will lead to long-term separation of husband and wife.I believe that at the beginning of the separation of the two places, the true idea of the heart must be like this: hope to create more wealth for the family through hard work away from home.However, in the state of separation between husband and wife, people often face the attack of loneliness and forget the original intention of separation between husband and wife. In this case, easy results include: money earned, but also for the lover to let the family separated.If this is the end result, is there no point in fighting far away from home?Although we all know a lot of truth, is just like as a family man, at least moral bottom line is to guarantee the absolute loyalty to the marriage, but the species of man after all have emotional needs, when your lover can’t in your side to accompany, just can’t help to find a can give themselves the company of people, and feel far hydrolyze not close thirsty.The point is that after being with a temporary partner for a long time, a real relationship will develop. At this time, there may be a desire to reorganize the family, but there is no ability to reorganize the family. As a result, similar relationships often fail to withstand realistic scrutiny and eventually form a result from where they come from.After you found out that your husband was involved in an affair, you gave a reasonable direction to your future marriage: either he stays in Beijing with lovers or he comes back to you.Following a weigh the pros and cons, in the end, your husband chose to go back to your side, due to his hard to afford a house in Beijing, originated from his relationship with the lover was originally no three no four, in not to get married as a result, from him all these years in Beijing has some knowledge, so that to be by your side also have their own life planning.In fact, when your husband comes back to you, not only does the separation end, but it also doesn’t take a big hit in terms of income, and it’s even better than before.Your husband may be tired now, but life as his own boss is more comfortable.About the marriage life will inevitably face some unhappy, at this time, or take the best policy, or can find a better solution.Obviously, your husband knows that you are being treated unfairly by his temporary partner in another country, so he is willing to come back to you after your intervention.Maybe we are very confused in the face of living, sometimes feel alive is not too meaningful, but also do not have the courage to die, so will sigh, the world is good and bad, has been like that, it is best not to let oneself have an afterlife.Therefore, the continuation of life in this life itself has become the greatest meaning of life.During this period, we need to maintain the minimum operation of life through hard work, during this period, but also need love.It means that we pay a lot of time in life, are in the normal operation of life to ensure the efforts, during the needs of the seven emotions and six desires, in life to show a different attitude, one of the most important thing for people is the harmony of husband and wife feelings.If you can avoid couples get together less away from more, we must think of ways to avoid.Because about the favor this we must follow the person in favor in, the person goes favor to go principle.It means that when the couple can not form a good accompaniment, the relationship between the couple will also weaken, during this period, the relationship is in a fragile state, once there is a temptation outside the marriage, then it is likely to affect the integrity of the marriage.Sometimes, to solve the separation of husband and wife requires some self-sacrifice, as long as the normal operation of life can be guaranteed, then a little sacrifice of self, I think it is very worthwhile, after all, it is not easy to build a family, do not easily divorce until the last resort.Editor’s Note: Every Spring Festival, we meet the so-called wave of returning home, including those who do not have a house in Struggling cities, and those who have settled down in struggling cities but their parents are in their hometown.Nostalgia for home grows in the bones of every Chinese, especially during festivals.So, even if the way home is difficult, I will try my best to cope.It can’t be ruled out that some people’s spending during the Spring Festival will eat up several months of their income.Although there is no blood relationship between husband and wife, but each other is the most important person in his life.It’s just that sometimes, for some reason, people live apart.At this time, there will be instinct between the two sides of the lovesickness, but more time to realize that the lover can not be in their own side of loneliness, a long time is easy to fry.What I want to say is that under the condition that conditions allow, please avoid the life of husband and wife separated from two places as soon as possible, be careful of the final result will be empty.(Picture from network, text and text irrelevant)