Luzhou first “illegal stop strict control street” road, involving Jiangyang North Road, Nanguang Road…Look at

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With the improvement of people’s living standards, the number of cars in the streets and lanes is more and more walking in the street vehicles parked at will illegal parking, such as the situation repeatedly banned more than directly affecting the citizens to travel with the number of vehicles increased year by year to meet the sharp increase of motor vehicles parking “difficult” and “parking chaos” coexist!It is understood that in order to strengthen while luzhou prefecture of road traffic safety management to improve traffic order maintenance civilized city good image so as to prevent or reduce for illegal parking caused by road traffic accident while luzhou will according to the actual road traffic management gradually established city sections of the road as a motor vehicle illegal parking behavior strict management section (hereinafter referred to as “bat sections”) what are the specific section?Look!Forward to inform the side of the car friends!Luzhou first sections “bat” (4) of article 1, jiangyang koyo road (the tuojiang river bridge is the highest water ditch) 2, jiangyang LanAn road 2 (jade sichuan town to TianYuan square) 3, longmatan nanguang road (xiang Lin road – jinxiu road) 4, creek district people’s east road (huitong road – people’s hospital) was introduced on March 18, while luzhou since March 18, 2022 public securityTraffic police will through the field ZhaJiu and off-site paparazzi scrutiny via illegal parking behavior of illegal parking in bat road motor vehicle by illegal parking traffic administration of public security shall be penalized in accordance with the road traffic pavement not only seriously affect the traffic order also increases the risk of motor vehicle traffic safety accident harm disorderly stopping place: 1.Road capacity is reduced.Illegal parking is easy to cause traffic jams, reduce the speed of road traffic, reduce road capacity, delay the precious time of other traffic participants, and infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of others.It is easy to cause traffic jam.Motor vehicles disorderly parking, resulting in the road section of the road is not smooth, and the location of motor vehicles disorderly parking is often near the school, unit or hotel concentrated place, due to occupy the vehicle road, easy to form a blockage point, resulting in road blockage phenomenon.3. Impact on traffic safety.When motor vehicles stop on non-motor vehicle lanes or sidewalks, pedestrians walk on non-motor vehicle lanes and non-motor vehicles walk on motor vehicle lanes frequently. Traffic order is chaotic and there are potential safety hazards, which affect road traffic safety and damage the safety of people’s lives and property.4. Influence the image of the city.The disorderly parking behavior makes the urban order more chaotic, makes the city’s taste and image greatly reduced, affects the improvement of the quality of public travel and the improvement of the urban road traffic environment.5. Affect the normal development of traffic management work.Illegal behavior of indiscriminate parking and parking causes inconvenience to people’s travel, disturbs the normal traffic order, and is not conducive to the development of traffic management work.In this appeal luzhou drivers friends do not occupy the road in the public area park not because of temporary convenience, affecting others to travel source: Jiucheng traffic police