The first Edition of the 2022 China Youth Reading Index was released

2022-06-17 0 By

China Youth Publishing Group recently released the first Edition of China Youth Reading Index in 2022 in Beijing.From the perspective of reading demand, the top three reading areas in December 2021 were literature (29.35), philosophy and social sciences (26.66) and history (9.91).The demand index for literature reading area increased from 28.29 in November 2021 to 29.35 in December 2021, up by 1.06, making it the reading area with the largest increase in demand index in December 2021.From the perspective of supply, the supply of literature reading is still the largest, far more than the supply of other reading areas, followed by philosophy and social science reading.By observing the trend of reading domain supply index, it is found that the reading domain supply index is more stable than the demand index, with less fluctuation.Through comparative analysis of the data of the reading supply index of Chinese youth in the past two months, it is found that the supply index of literary reading domain has decreased from 51.88 in November 2021 to 51.86 in December 2021, a decrease of 0.02.The reading supply index for philosophy and social sciences increased by 0.90 from 22.66 in November 2021 to 23.56 in December 2021, making it the reading area with the largest increase in December 2021.It is worth noting that in terms of the market mapping index, the market mapping index of the classic reading domain increased by 1.90 month-on-month.By reading literary classics and understanding literary history, young people are deeply immersed in the spiritual atmosphere created by the excellent traditional Chinese culture.In the reading field of philosophy and social science, the cloud map reflects the young people’s attention to psychology, human nature and Chinese culture. Whether it is to analyze themselves inwardly or to pursue the “national tide” outwards, young people continue to enrich their spiritual world and shape their independent personality in reading.Through data tracing, some books related to traditional culture have recently been on the bestseller list, such as Records of Young Readers of history, Rural China, and Daily Life of Ancient People 2.On the one hand, these bestsellers respond to the reading demand of young people eager to understand the excellent traditional Chinese culture, on the other hand, it also confirms that the book market keeps pace with The Times, keeps up with the trend of The Times, and spreads the excellent traditional Chinese culture in a way that young people like.