The software testing work has been more than three months, and successfully became a full-time employee

2022-06-17 0 By

How time flies! I have been working on software testing for more than three months, and I successfully became a regular employee last week.From what I was at a loss when I first started working, I gradually got used to it. Now I can arrange my work at my own pace.During this period, I can obviously feel that I have made a lot of progress. From being unfamiliar with the business before and needing constant guidance from colleagues, I can basically solve the problems I meet now.Of course, I’m still learning.After all, I know the business and I have to keep improving my skills.The knowledge and techniques learned before are not often used in the workplace and are largely forgotten, but automation and performance are still important to develop better and go further.After all, these are chips called wages.I have to say that my life has really changed a lot in the past half a year, from learning software testing to working for more than three months.Before just want to muddle along in small county, after all, small county, life pressure is not big, consumption level and housing price are relatively cheap.It’s easy to live a simple life if you don’t have too much ambition.Now in Xi ‘an, everything is different.With a steady paycheck and an ideal salary, you’ll want more.Recently, I have been discussing with my partner about settling down in Xi ‘an and buying a house.Now that my job is more or less stable, I have to think about these things.Now that I have decided to develop in Xi ‘an, I still want to have my own nest.It may seem cheesy, but I really need to think about having kids in school someday.Seems very far away, feels like a little consideration.