Bask in bridal chamber over Spring Festival, whole house oneself design effect likes very much, TV wall hit cabinet very practical

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Taking advantage of the big festive days of the Spring Festival, or the old rules to give you a new house, sun decoration effect, I hope to bring you good decoration inspiration.Have a house that belongs to own home, really very not easy, house advocate decorate this house, spent a lot of idea, whole house before and after is oneself design, the whole effect all like very much, although look ordinary, but still have the appearance of home very much!Considering the demand, abandoned the traditional TV background wall, and the use of the position of the TV wall to play the cabinet is very practical, if the home also need such storage space, then can.Here, take a look!Door model go up in regular moment, belong to intermediate door, basic namely such layout.Dining-room space is not big, decorated a piece of solid wood table, just can put in the middle position, and both sides can go to the toilet, or pretty good ha.Left and right sides made cabinet, can offer a lot of store content space, the house that hard trades for, the least bit space did not waste.Next to it is the kitchen, where cooked food can be served quickly!The ground chooses to lay gray tiles, which is actually the same as most families now, dirty, and easier to match the desired effect, really good ah.Family sitting together for dinner, especially happy!Kitchen space is not big, customized according to the structure “U” the ambry of glabble, layout formed “wash, cut, fry” order, especially handy, operation rises very convenient.The space is not big, but also can satisfy three meals four seasons, in such a small kitchen to do food, in fact, or very mood.Customized white quartz stone mesa, gray cabinet door, perfect match, appears to be more harmonious, generous!The quality and style of the gas stove installed in the kitchen are still good, there is no choice of integrated kitchen, but it does not affect the use.Take lampblack machine and gas range quality a few better, when using, no matter be the quality of combustion or smoke effect, won’t be affected.Whole house oneself design, decorate by oneself idea and demand, really quite good ha.The position that uses TV wall hit full cabinet, can offer a lot of store content space, very practical.The cabinet is whole house bespoke, quality and charge for the making of sth. are pretty good still, and such TV wall, looking at won’t drab.The position of intermediate reservation, no matter household expenses how old size TV, actually very satisfied.The word that TV wall in the home does not know how to design, can refer.Just checked in, and also happened to be the New Year, hanging lanterns, especially great!Decorate space sofa, sit very comfortable, the sofa of this kind of style, still like quite many people actually.It’s made of genuine leather. It’s very dirty.In fact, if the sofa wall decorative painting, the effect will be more perfect.What metope brushes is slant bluish gray emulsii paint, do not have white the sort of appear so drab, really pretty good!Children room considers practical, also consider indoor area is very small, custom-made very practical tatami rice, can offer a lot of store content space.Couch couch rice for the making of STH and quality are pretty good still, can make the biggest use of small space change, sincere and practical.Tatami is worried most be affected with damp namely, before doing so, do moistureproof processing, very necessary!Master bed head metope brush is pink, a little girl heart feeling, looking at very like.Decorated bed of a double big people, the position beside the head of a bed decorated desk ark, can be used very conveniently.There is no way to knock off the bay window, retained can be used as a small sofa.The chandelier installed on the top, the appearance level is very high, the evening lighting brightness is enough, not dazzling!There was only one bathroom in the house, so it made sense to separate the bathroom cabinets and design cabinets.Metope shop stick is gray ceramic tile, very dirty, do a lot of convenient cleaning.If you have a home of your own house, but also thinking about their own design, decoration before the best design, do a suitable plan for their own home, and then orderly decoration.The owner of the house in the decoration of the time to do, although the home space is not so perfect, but the overall effect is good, the family are satisfied!Finally, WISH everyone a happy year of the Tiger, also wish the owner of the family life more and more happiness!Photo source owner: Network /