“Take the pot and hide Uzi?”BLG’s debut of Doggo leads to discontent, Uzi fans leak inside information

2022-06-19 0 By

One of the big headlines in LPL these days is that BLG chose to play Uzi in the game against iG.The long-awaited audience finally got Uzi’s first show, and the first game was full of results.First BLG big advantage sent back, the result of the iG reckless leadership to a wave of Uzi jinks seized the opportunity to hit the group to kill a counter-wave, which let the audience couldn’t help but joke “script pull full”.However, unfortunately, Uzi’s comeback may have been due to hasty relationship, and his condition was not adjusted to the best, while BLG Ueno’s sleepwalking performance was insane, making Uzi’s debut failed to win.BLG forced Uzi into the role of “piggy back”, after the game was criticized by black fans.It was not easy to summon up the courage to return to the game, but also to suppress iG’s next road, in fact, the performance has been very good.However, after BLG lost the match, Uzi was criticized again because of the large number of black fans, which was blamed for the loss.The fans, who were already upset with Uzi for taking the blame, were even more upset when they saw The BLG still put Doggo in the lineup for the game against AL.From the fans’ point of view, this roster seems to be a harbinger of the team’s plans to bury Uzi.While fans are worried about the dog’s future, some of Uzi’s fans have revealed “inside information”.”Guys, a message from the management of a certain team: Stains will start the next few games and will continue to start!” a fan of Uzi’s message said.It’s not known how true the message is, but fans have to take it at face value in this case.In addition, Uzi has obviously been playing more practice games recently, and maybe he will have more chances to play or even start in the future. We expect Uzi to return to his peak form sooner.What did the Internet think of it?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.