After her divorce from marshal, she trained her daughter to be a general. Her son-in-law was the secretary of the provincial Party Committee and her brother-in-law was a deputy

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55 years, only a virgin army went to a, but in the history of revolution, is willing to dedicated his life for the revolution outstanding woman, abound, especially at the time of the red army, they also like a man, the same responsibility, and to make more sacrifices, like the leading role, she had lived a good life,Although her army was dangerous, she never regretted her efforts. The honorable revolutionary was Zhu Xianren.CiLi JianXianRen was born in 1909 in hunan of a wealthy family, his father Jian feast is a local legend, when he was eight years old, was a big flood in the home, is he a person in the home, I was drifting in the outside, with their hard work and skills, opened a dyehouse at such a young age, with their hard work and skills, the business is thriving,Gradually, he began to set foot in other industries, accumulated a considerable wealth, life is not bad, but it is not so easy to mix, Wang Chengyan once said: “I rely on both hands to get rich, so many years, I have been suffering”.Also because of this, Jian feast on their children’s education, is the net cost, in addition to the already married miss big, the other six children, all was sent to the local the best institution of higher learning, it is because of this, JianXianRen onto the revolutionary road, during high school, she looked in the spare time a lot of books about marxism-leninism, early and took part in the communist youth league,In 1927, Xu Kexiang launched the “Mari Incident”, so that many outstanding party members, revolutionary people died, Hunan, which had the best development of the place, suffered such a heavy blow, soon fell to the bottom, many people left the Party, to the revolution, only a few are still struggling to survive.At this juncture, several young revolutionaries bravely joined our ranks, and Zhu Xianren was one of them.Due to the uprising was the enemy counterattack quickly retreat, the reactionary authorities still don’t give up, continue to track down the escaped prisoner, hiding in shimen progeny of JianXianRen encounter with forces of he long, hence with elder brother JianXianWei joined the red army, at that time, HongSiJun new classes are short of a literacy class teacher, had Zhu Xian, he gave up the gap, the opening ceremony of the course, hoJian first introduced to the public: “This is the first female Red army of our Xiangxi Fourth Army, is also the first female party member of our party, I hope we can respect her, listen to my command, to complete the training.”Jian first listened to general He, a warm heart.But she never expected that, after a year, the famous red army generals, would be her husband, she is the most important person in my life, in 1930, he long were ordered troops to honghu area to set up new revolutionary base, a few months later, she was in the absence of her husband, the daughters red HongSheng down, to see his baby daughter,She immediately felt the joys and responsibilities of motherhood, but a crisis was about to descend.At that time, offices, west Soviet area empty, the enemy, “suppress” JianXianRen had to carry their children fled into the mountains, the young can withstand the hardships of life, and finally died young, she was chief also unfortunate arrest, but when she was brought to the village chief there, it was already late at night, the village chief to let his daughter to care for her, prepare tomorrow for questioning.That night, while the village chief’s daughter was sleeping, he escaped from the tiger’s den and traveled all the way back to Cili County. She was afraid of being recognized, so she did not dare to go to town during the day. At night, she slipped away to her sister’s house and asked her to contact her father.She was afraid that news of her family would leak out.In the end, her father put her on a ship to heal her, to heal her wounds, and to help her learn about the Red Army.A year later, Jian ren injury recovered, learned that the Red Army has been in the yong, ecstatic travel dozens of, finally saw the reunion of love and revolutionary team.Let’s talk about it in the comments section.