Buy is to earn, Nanjing Willanda high performance version down 10,000 yuan

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◆◆◆ Toyota’s New Year will be a great start, manufacturers limited subsidies, the whole city insurance, buy your difference!Velanda double engine enjoy free battery plan, no limit on duration, no limit on mileage!!The first payment is 0 yuan, the daily payment is 58 yuan, and the new velanda car is borrowed home.② 80 thousand 2 years interest-free;(3) replacement to enjoy 7000 yuan replacement subsidy;④ Car can participate in the lottery, a variety of appliances you can draw, the winning rate of 100%;(5) old customers recommend to buy the car is sent basic maintenance once;⑥ Upgrade my VIP privileges with car purchase.① Based on TNGA-K platform, produced from high QDR production line;② Landa brothers, from highlanda high quality gene;Equipped with 2.0 and 2.5L dual-engine power systems, the thermal efficiency exceeds 40%;(4) No four-wheel drive, no SUV, Veranda is equipped with DTC (Highlander four-wheel drive), DTV (left and right wheel arbitrary proportional power output), E-FOUR (Elfa four-wheel drive) three kinds of four-wheel drive;⑤ Provide leading, luxury, technology, noble four grades to choose from.Click below or button to receive a beautiful gift!Address: Dongqi Road car park.Promotion time from February 19, 2022 to February 19, 2022 Veranda high-performance version of the latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Nanjing quoted 2.5L four-wheel drive Engine version 299,800 yuan 10,000,000 yuan 289,800 yuan 2.5L2.5L four-wheel drive engine version 282,800 yuan 272,800 yuan