CCTV anchorwoman Wang Mengmeng, who married at the age of 24 at the age of 42, returned to her family after her husband fell ill

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In this world, there is a feeling harder than gold, and it is incomparable, that is love.As the saying goes, love between mountains and seas, mountains and seas can be flat.Love is great, can make people fearless secular vision.There is such a very beautiful woman, she was 24 years old, but chose a man 18 years older than her.And what happened when she chose to return to her family at the peak of her career while her husband was ill?The girl above is Wang Mengmeng, born in the 1980s. Her hometown is Shandong Province.Wang mengmeng’s family can be regarded as a scholarly family. Her parents are both college graduates and have good jobs.Wang Mengmeng’s life has been better since she was a child, and what she liked when she was a child was listening to the radio.The radio is grandpa’s, grandpa will listen to the news, but Wang Mengmeng usually noisy, let grandpa transfer to the radio station for her.Because Wang Mengmeng likes to listen, the host inside to explain some practical things.From this time on, Wang Mengmeng has a preliminary understanding of the host industry.Wang mengmeng was so good at her studies that she was often called “someone else’s child”.When Wang was in high school, she met a local hostess.This is in someone else’s wedding, she saw the hostess appeared in the center of the stage to talk, the audience cheered.After the event, Wang Mengmeng waiting for the hostess to go off work, want to ask her how she is engaged in this industry.The host told her about a media university and said he graduated from this university.From that day on, Wang began to study harder, because she wanted to enter communication University.By the time the college entrance examination was over, Wang was successfully admitted by Communication University of Beijing, and began her first step towards becoming a host.During her college years, Wang attended classes in the daytime and studied broadcasting and hosting at night.After four years of life, Wang Mengmeng was not admitted by CCTV after graduation, but by a local TV station as an intern.But gold will shine wherever it is. When Wang mengmeng was working in a local television station, she met a CCTV boss.This leader came to the local exchange study, wang Mengmeng hosted a life program.When the leaders came to the live program, Wang Mengmeng had a tall figure, a beautiful face and, most importantly, a very good voice.TV station leadership immediately decided to dig her to CCTV.To meet, know each other and fall in love with each other, the opportunity to move towards a better stage fell on Wang Mengmeng’s head.After the arrangement of the leadership, Wang Mengmeng came to CCTV to work a month later.She was 22 years old.Wang Mengmeng, who works in this column group, is known as “a flower of radio station”.But for Wang mengmeng, what she hopes to get more is the audience’s recognition.And wang mengmeng just started working in the radio station, that is, behind the scenes.What Wang Mengmeng wants is to stand on the stage facing the public and show her best side to everyone, just like the host she saw when she was a child.Wang mengmeng knows that if she wants to work in front of the curtain, she needs to pass a more rigorous test.First of all, as a qualified host, she needs to face all kinds of emergencies calmly and methodically.In order to exercise her ability in this area, Wang mengmeng visited her predecessors in TV stations.Because Wang Mengmeng is a lively and cheerful girl, many seniors still give her some of their own experience.It is at this time, Wang Mengmeng met his confidante, but also his future husband Cheng Lei.Cheng Lei was already 40 years old at that time, also is small have fame in TV station, the life also calculates to go up is the career has.But Cheng Lei has always had a regret, that is, did not get married, the reason is that has not met the right person.At the beginning of Wang Mengmeng to ask Cheng Lei, in the face of this modest little girl, Cheng Lei is very warm and generous to teach her some things.It is because of Cheng Lei’s frankness and frankness, Wang Mengmeng felt that he was very good, many times to learn from him.Wait until after more than a year, Wang Mengmeng found that she was 18 years older than her man, produced a sense of dependence.Because she has what thing, metropolis wants to find Cheng Lei to answer doubt for oneself.And Cheng Lei also is, to this every three or five, came to look for his little girl produced good impression.When they met in the back, instead of before generous, become stiff.Finally, Cheng Lei stabbed through this window.After all, he is a boy, he confessed to Wang mengmeng.Lang sentient beings, concubine intention, two people together.Because the previous contact together for a long time, so the two love progress quickly.After another year, the couple decided to get married, but age became an issue between them.For Wang’s parents, they believed the man in front of them could take good care of their daughter, but the age gap was too big.However, Cheng Lei’s sincerity finally moved the two old men, and they agreed to marry their daughter to him.On their wedding day, all their relatives and friends came to congratulate them on their love for each other.After marriage, Wang Mengmeng’s career also changed smoothly, because she was about to be transferred to another column group to do the host, which means she moved to the front of the screen.But at this time, Cheng Lei fell ill.Once, after finishing the program, Cheng lei suddenly had an unbearable pain in his abdomen.Sent to the hospital after examination, the doctor told Cheng Lei he got chronic liver disease.The disease is incurable and can only be maintained by surgery and drugs.This matter to Cheng Lei, is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue.Because he had just got married, and he got it.However, he did not conceal to Wang Mengmeng, exactly said his situation.Wang Mengmeng knew silence, Cheng Lei also did not say much.Because even if Wang Mengmeng to leave, Cheng Lei will respect her decision, after all, his body is really some bad.But Wang Mengmeng’s next decision, let Cheng Lei particularly moved.Wang Mengmeng told Cheng Lei, first of all, she will never leave him, chose him, even if encounter any difficulties, she will not choose to retreat.Wang Mengmeng is decided, she will resign home, do a full-time wife, to take care of Cheng Lei’s body.Cheng Lei was so deeply moved by his wife, he knew what the current work meant for Wang Mengmeng.To be a host was Wang Mengmeng’s childhood dream.See now the dream come true, but because of her, she gave up.Cheng Lei moved when Wang Mengmeng this decision also pushed the feelings of two people to a climax.Wang Mengmeng resigned to go home, every day from the diet, to adjust the body to Cheng Lei.More than a year later, they also had their own child, and now their life is very happy.