Is the “hair matter” of hypertension garlic?Doctor: If you want to keep your blood pressure stable, you should cut back on these five vegetarian foods

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# # and healthy New Year in hypertension is a common chronic disease in life, the contemporary young people also have different degrees of hypertension, high blood pressure can damage blood vessels, tissues, and even induce serious disease of heart head blood-vessel, serious damage to health only fully understand the disease, high blood pressure, can better prevent hypertension, suffer from high blood pressure, also want to lower blood pressure in time,Stabilize blood pressure levels and avoid high or low blood pressure.As the saying goes, a lot of diseases and unhealthy diet have a lot to do with the emergence of garlic is a recent period of time is high blood pressure, this statement is credible, might as well follow the doctor to understand.Is garlic the cause of hypertension?The spice of garlic is common in our daily life, also can treat as vegetables to eat, for patients with high blood pressure can be appropriate to eat some garlic, garlic for high blood pressure is not too much influence, garlic contains certain garlic spicy element, can kill bacteria, fungi, prevent infection, e. governance problems of enteritis caused by e. coli effect is very good,The effect of lung fungal infection and oropharyngeal fungal infection is also very good, can play the role of anti-fungal, bacterial, garlic has a certain role in anti-cancer and cancer prevention.Garlic contains allicin bacteriostatic effect is very good, has the “natural antibiotic” reputation, and, garlic also contains propylene sulfate this spicy, its bactericidal ability can reach one tenth of penicillin.For some parasites and pathogenic bacteria in the body can be effectively killed, for the prevention of influenza, wound infection can play a certain effect.Especially in summer, eating more garlic has a good effect on preventing digestive tract infectious diseases, garlic can reduce blood lipids and blood viscosity, anti-platelet aggregation, for people suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases has a good health care effect.Eating garlic for improving immunity is also very significant effect, especially easy to catch a cold have a fever, the body quality is poorer people can often eat garlic, can have the effect of disinfection sterilization, patients with high blood pressure is also available in quantity to eat at ordinary times, but it is important to note that the garlic itself stimulating, it’s better to keep adequate for stomach disease, liver disease, avoid deterioration.What are the health benefits of eating garlic?It is very important for people with high blood lipid and blood glucose levels to develop good living habits in daily life. First of all, from the aspect of diet, eating garlic in appropriate amount can reduce serum total cholesterol, triglyceride and low density lipoprotein content, which has obvious lipid lowering effect.For diabetics and people with high blood sugar, garlic can promote insulin secretion, improve glucose tolerance, and increase the use of glucose by tissues and cells, thus stabilizing blood sugar levels.2, eliminate fatigue, we all know that the effect of vitamin B1 have decompression, and vitamin B1 in allicin can achieve very good effect of eliminating fatigue, after in the pork contains vitamin B1 content is very rich, in the daily cooking pork, can be appropriate to add some garlic, to eliminate fatigue and stress can have certain effect.Garlic also promotes the absorption of vitamin B1, making it more absorbed by the body.Garlic is best eaten raw because its bactericidal activity decreases when cooked.For the best health benefits, it is recommended to mash garlic and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before eating.03 doctors: to blood pressure stable, less need to touch the 5 kinds of vegetarian 1, bamboo shoots are a specialty of chongqing area, because the bamboo shoots shape is square, there are four square bamboo shoots and is known as the king of the bamboo shoot, bamboo is rich in dietary fiber, to a certain extent, can improve the gastrointestinal peristalsis vitality, have the effect of appetizers spleen, enhance appetite.However, bamboo shoots contain hard fiber texture, which is not easy to be absorbed by the intestines and stomach, affecting the normal circulation of blood, easy to increase the burden of the intestines and stomach, adverse to the normal circulation of blood, but also lead to abnormal blood pressure, so it is not suitable for hypertensive patients to eat for a long time, you can eat once or twice a week.2, grapefruit grapefruit also called grapefruit, grapefruit, fruit wine, taste sweet and juicy, many people prefer to eat grapefruit, grapefruit will affect the decomposition of drug ingredients, however, during the period of taking blood pressure medication to eat blood pressure medication can reduce efficacy, can also affect the antihypertensive drug ingredients, causing blood pressure to the abnormal situation, dizziness, nausea and vomiting physical discomfort symptoms.Therefore, if taking nifedipine, Verapamil, felodide equal antihypertensive drugs, do not eat grapefruit, grapefruit juice and other grapefruit food.3, fennel fennel in life is a kind of food that people often eat, whether it is dumplings, buns are particularly good, taste good, so it is loved by men and women, young and old, fennel has another characteristic, that is, high sodium content, belongs to the food of high sodium and low potassium, every 100 grams of fennel contains 100 mg of sodium ion,Hypertension patients most taboo is to take in too much sodium ions, salt is the representative of sodium ions food.If you often eat food made from fennel, you will take in too much sodium if you are not careful, which will easily lead to high blood pressure. Therefore, you should stay away from it and keep your mouth shut.4, preserved pickles many old people like to drink white porridge in the morning to eat preserved pickles, no matter what kind of food is very delicious collocation, can enhance the person’s appetite, but often also has certain harm to the body, and for salted pickle belongs to high salt food, sodium ion content is extremely high, and will produce large amounts of nitrite in the process of curing, after entering the human body into pests,Like pickled pickles, people with high blood pressure and healthy people should eat less of them.5, pepper contemporary people taste more heavy, no matter whether southerners or northerners, like to add some pepper in the process of cooking food to flavor, although delicious, seasoning effect is good, but for some people not suitable to eat.Moreover, chili is a spicy and irritating food. Eating too much will lead to rapid dilation of blood vessels and even spasm, which is not conducive to maintaining blood vessel health. Patients with hypertension need strict dietary restrictions, which may lead to soaring blood pressure, induce serious complications and threaten physical health.Conclusion: I hope this article will be helpful to you. If you suffer from hypertension, your usual eating habits should also be paid attention to.