Jump single event: a stone stirred up thousands of waves, celebrities shouted for mortgage slaves to reduce the burden of intermediary fees

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Recently, a real estate agent on the network with small composition exposure Zhang Jie Xie Na couple to buy luxury jump.In order to prove what he said is true, also attached once accompanied The Couple to see the house secretly taken photos.Since this incident was exposed, it has aroused hot discussion among netizens and continued to ferment. The couple have been deeply affected by this storm.Subsequently, the law firm was entrusted to issue a statement, denying that the information disclosed and published online is false information, and will investigate the people involved and the relevant disclosure accounts and platforms for legal responsibility.One stone aroused thousands of waves, buy this nearly 60 million mansion, Xie Na couple to pay 2%-3% real estate agency fee, that is, the agency fee is about 1.2-1.8 million.Internet users marveled at the fact that the couple had so much money.Some netizens believe that the sellers are now entrusted with multiple agencies to sell, and The Couple compared shop around, so long as they did not sign an exclusive sales contract, it is not illegal.Because if you have money, wouldn’t it be nice to save a million?The money doesn’t come from the wind?It’s not that people are stupid and make money for others.Presumably, the real estate agency fee for everyone is not strange, now most buy a house, are bought from the intermediary.The intermediary usually charges the buyer and the seller 2%-3% each, which is equivalent to that, if the house bought by Xie Na is closed, the intermediary can get at least nearly 3 million yuan of income.3 million, for ordinary people is an astronomical figure, in second-tier cities is a three-bedroom full payment.Rich people want to buy a house to save intermediary fees, not to mention the common people, long for intermediary fees quite grumble.Real estate agency fees rose in the 1990s, when the house price was cheap, buying a suite of 200,000 to 300,000 yuan, pay the agency fee of about 6,000 yuan.Now, prices have risen, the housing price is even more ridiculous, but also have to pay a considerable amount of intermediary fees, it hurts to think.It is now the house is always millions, and the agency fee is multiplied by the total amount of house money points, nature is a rising tide high let a person accept.Especially now, intermediary monopoly second-hand housing sources, now even developers of primary housing sources are also monopolized by real estate intermediary.Go to the sales department of new real estate to understand housing information, you are not the sales staff of developers, all real estate intermediary agents.The information you want to ask is not what they answer, a sales department even stationed multiple real estate agents, each agent’s price is not the same, must provide ID information signature just receive you.The most deadly is, they can press the highest price to kill dish, do not understand the prices that still think to get the most preferential, room number is the best door model, actually, otherwise.Intermediary fee should not be collected, the buyer enjoys the service should be collected, but most net friends feel unreasonable.For example, in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, ordinary people buy a house between 2 million and 6 million yuan.According to the calculation of two points, the intermediary fee is between 40,000 and 120,000 yuan, which is really a great pressure for the housing slaves in Zhuhai.The labor service paid by the intermediary is obviously not equal to the income, because 40,000 to 120,000 for an ordinary salaried class to work 1-2 years to save money.Look at the house, as long as it is just need to look at the house generally 10 times will be determined to buy, and now the real estate procedures are simplified simply can not occupy the intermediary what time.This naturally makes people feel that the charge is unreasonable, the intermediary will say that some buyers may not buy 100 times, this low probability can not be included in the cost book of most people.Therefore, contact real estate agents, we must carefully distinguish the information is true or false, do not be fooled by agents.However, the intermediary or good, bad intermediary or less, even so also want to carefully pour.Share a net friend encounter bad intermediary three SINS, I don’t know if you have encountered: a, glib, words skill routine use professional knowledge to avoid the concerns of buyers, such as commercial and commercial property distinction, residential and villa policy distinction.Guangdong some real estate in the mainland to open for sale, real estate approval is commercial nature, mainland agents cheat the elderly for commercial and residential nature, the results of the building can not be used as residential, can only do commercial nature of the use of lawsuits.The old man will accumulate all his life into buying a house, but can not wish to avoid the winter in the south.Even the old people are deceived, the technique is chilling.Moreover, agents often sell houses with leaky houses and sewer problems under the cover of sellers, leaving buyers miserable after the acquisition.Two, try to make deposit and deposit is different, may be a lot of people do not know the difference between them.After you take a fancy to a building, intermediary mostly lets you make deposit, when you are indecisive, repeat to you ceaselessly have other buy a home to want.And you may not have figured out all the problems of real estate, such as what crowd is limited purchase, what situation you can not mortgage, if the deposit, encounter these circumstances can not buy houses, but not the intermediary deposit, and eat you do not return.This kind of lawsuit happens year after year, and everyone has suffered in this respect.Three, the use of information to earn difference in order to sell the house, to the buyer’s price, to the seller’s price is the real estate intermediary’s consistent trick.Last year, a Shenzhen woman surnamed Xia revealed on the Internet that she had bought a house of more than 41.5 million yuan and was given a price difference of 2.5 million yuan by an agent, which shocked netizens. The real estate agency industry makes money in this way.Ms. Xia said, after buying check-in from the neighbors there to learn that the suite listing price of 38 million yuan, Ms. Xia purchase price of 41.5 million yuan is far higher than the listing price, 2.5 million yuan difference in who heart will be distressed for a while.Intermediary eat price difference, there are more than two ways: one is to see owners eager to sell, depress the price to buy and then sell at a high price.The other is to negotiate with the owner higher than the market price part and the owner half, it is estimated that Ms. Xia encountered is behind this situation.Conclusion: the house only buys once in a lifetime, the high housing price makes the common people look forward to but out of reach, if again happens in the purchase process is not happy, it is really a thorn in my heart, will be dull pain at any time.This just start, hear some real estate liquidation and price, then real estate intermediary fees can drop a drop, let the people no longer look at the house sigh, many yellow V people are Shouting for the house slaves: intermediary fees should drop!If you have a different opinion, feel free to discuss it in the comments section.Thank you for reading, please like and follow.The picture in the article comes from the network, the infringement is deleted.