Two typical cases of “female new farmers” in Qinghai province were introduced to the whole country

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Qinghai daily financial media on January 28, by the All-China Women’s Federation and agricultural NongCunBu comprehensive evaluation, concluded that our province recommended MuNv yushu Tibetan autonomous prefecture of yushu city industry and trade co., LTD., general manager of the white card and qinghai Guo Lian league wins and agricultural development co., LTD. General manager for the national “women’s new farmers”, and to promote entrepreneurship typical cases across the country.In order to fully implement the general requirements of the rural revitalization strategy, deepen the “Women’s action for rural revitalization”, encourage more women to return to their hometowns and start businesses in rural areas, play a typical exemplary role in leading women to encourage them to start businesses and increase their incomes by participating in the development of rural industries, and contribute their women’s strength to comprehensively promoting rural revitalization and accelerating the modernization of agriculture and rural areas.In accordance with the requirements of the All-China Women’s Federation and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on the selection and promotion of typical entrepreneurial cases of “female new farmers”, qinghai Women’s Federation attaches great importance to the selection and promotion work.Both Bai Ka and Guo Lian were born in the 1980s.White card to actively take part in tsinghua university academy of fine arts “China not genetic bearing population research institute plans”, institute of Beijing university’s school of mulan entrepreneurial class, learn the intangible skills the thinking of innovation and development, and to carry out the industrial development, found that the income of the yak milk several times higher than the ghee and then set up stations, acquisition of nine tons of yak milk, every day in 2020, the company’s business income is 900000 yuan.The company employed 15 women and brought more than 200 families to increase their income.Since guo Lian founded the company in 2015, she has transferred 54 mu (3.6 hectares) of land and built 18 standardized pighouses of 11,000 square meters. She has introduced excellent breeding pigs from Lanzhou, Shaanxi and Beijing and effectively improved the breed of piglets, setting a model for local scientific and large-scale breeding and raising farmers to become rich.And 416 farmers signed agreements to promote breeding, breeding households increased income of more than 3500 yuan.In the development of their own enterprises at the same time, Guo Lian does not forget the dedication of love, actively participate in helping the weak to help the poor, enthusiastic public welfare.During the prevention and control of COVID-19, the company made great efforts to protect the safety of pig farms and established a working mechanism of closed management to ensure the safety and peace of mind of production staff. It donated 26,000 yuan to local epidemic prevention and control work, reflecting the company’s social responsibility on a broader level.Qinghai Daily client statement: the above content in addition to indicate the source of manuscripts, are qinghai Daily original manuscripts, qinghai Daily media platform all rights reserved, without written permission is strictly prohibited reprint, offenders will be prosecuted!