From the male engineer to the commentator, witty remarks sincere emotion, football poet He Wei’s commentary road

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He made sports commentary into a new realm with his own strength, Han Qiaosheng evaluated him as the best commentator at the same age, NetEase sports said he was the pioneer of the poet interpretation genre.Affectionately known as the “poet of football” by his fans, he Wei is just that.He Wei has been awarded the title of “poet of football” for many years. If he wei really wants to talk about it, he has to start with the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.”Rooney is still running up front tirelessly. If Rooney is the British King Arthur, he doesn’t have Lancelot, Gawain and Gladdhaide around him.Is this year’s World Cup is the most touched the hearts of forty minutes, may be too intense, in the second half of this course, He Hui also can not help but sigh: the audience friends after his old, sat on the edge of the fireplace with your grandson, for he will be the action in the World Cup, you must not miss the one 8 final 2010 World Cup in South Africa.This is the final match between Germany and England in South Africa, after which one team will leave the field.The English team had been confident of victory before the match, but the referee blew a whistle and the game was over.”The game has been won and the outcome has been decided,” he said. “At this moment in Berlin, in Munich, in Hamburg, in Cologne cathedral, there must be millions of German fans rejoicing.There must be millions of England fans in London, Liverpool, Manchester and pubs by the Thames.”In the face of England’s regrettable departure, He Wei’s heart is also flooded, this commentary touched the heartstrings of countless fans, but also added to his “poet of football” title.In addition to being a “poet of soccer,” He Wei is also known as a “humanist,” and he would wonder when Uruguay won: who said the world was cold and cruel?It was arguably the most controversial game in that year’s World Cup, a penalty shootout between Uruguay and Ghana in which Uruguayan players used their hands to block a ball that was already in the net.”The two Uruguayans are like the nets in volleyball, fusillai and Suarez both want to use their hands.Suarez grabbed the red card and was thankful that his unsportsmanlike behavior ultimately paid off for his team.In the face of Suarez’s foul, He Wei’s commentary is with a kind of humanistic care, through his language, fans also feel the temperature of football.After the 2010 World Cup, he Wei was called the “poet of football” by netizens. With his rising fame, he Wei began to blossom on the world sports stage.The scene of the 2013 Asian Cup between The National Football Team and the Thai football Team, which was the most painful commentary by He Wei since he became a football commentator in 2004:In my explanation of football career, never not so painful, I hope this day we all remember, I hope I will be better than today, if practitioners hope I will be better, you should have a certain degree of hope for the future, and for this kind of hope to work hard, so that your life is meaningful.This commentary he Wei did not gorgeous rhetoric, instead of his words from the heart, there is no doubt that he Wei for football love to the bone.Many people do not know that He Wei was originally an IT engineering major. He had nothing to do with football, but he met Huang Jianxiang in a game.At that time, Huang Jianxiang was already a well-known soccer commentator.Under the influence of Huang Jianxiang, He Wei developed a strong interest in football commentators. He wei became a teacher of Huang Jianxiang and began to formally set foot in the sports industry.After graduation, He Wei was selected to be the editor of “The World Football”, which was a great opportunity in the eyes of others.But He Wei was often unhappy, at that time he only had a career, that is football commentator.In order to fulfill his dream, He Wei refused the invitation of World Football, but it was this decision that put him in the cold palace.Unwilling to be an editor, He Wei was assigned to a database. During that time, he often laughed at himself: “It’s just like the Shaolin Sutra library.He compared the database to a sutra library and himself to a monk sweeping the floor to remove the bitterness in his heart.Perhaps because of this experience, he Wei’s literary skills are always better than others, which also laid the foundation for later “football poet”.In 2003, he Wei, who thought explaining his dream was far away, once again ushered in a turning point in his life.At that time, the sports channel was preparing for the broadcast of the La Liga League, and it was precisely at the time of employing people. Perhaps he Wei’s love for football and his persistence impressed the leaders, so He Wei succeeded in becoming the commentator of the La Liga League.Lasted for two years, he Wei finally stood on the football commentary station, tasted the sweetness of persistence.He Wei has been a soccer commentator for decades.Years later, when asked for his advice to young commentators, he said:”Should still insist on, because the business will be very bitter, in this period, you will experience some, pain, suffering, and this kind of subtle and insist, this is the key, some friends often ask me, one game is important, what are you going to do, I will talk to him, I work in the past twenty years to get ready for this moment.”In 2010, Sina Sports launched a poll entitled “Vote for your favorite CCTV World Cup commentator”.Even last year, He Wei was still in the lead with nearly 70 percent of the vote, which is enough to witness the public’s love for him.Can a few flowery words be liked by so many people?In fact, he Wei can gain so many people’s love, mainly because his commentary is always with a human touch.At the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, he Wei’s farewell message made the brutal World Cup a place of warmth for many fans who were frustrated by the elimination of former champions Spain in the group stage:”I think the real mature, should not pursue is perfect, but to face their own shortcomings, this is the essence of life, Roman Roland once said that the world is only a kind of genuine heroism, that is, to recognize the truth of life and still love it, Spain from the beginning again come, don’t climb up road than more let a person passionate about standing on the top?”This explanation of He Wei moved countless people. Instead of flowery words, sincere emotions and the truth of facing life were replaced.After the event, many netizens jokingly said that this “farewell speech” should be the motto of life.Since then, he Wei has also gained a title, that is, “philosopher”.In 2016, Germany lost 2-0 to France in the semi-finals of the hotly contested European Championship.In response to the German fiasco, the “philosopher” spoke again and bade off the frustrated Germany with maupassant’s famous words:”Perhaps, they will understand, maupassant, life is not as good as you think, but also not as bad as you imagine, fragile and strong are beyond your imagination, sometimes, may be vulnerable a word was in tears, sometimes, you found himself bite a tooth has come a long way.”In that year, this commentary, the fire all over the network, until now, there are many people with relish, really someone will copy this paragraph in their own bed, in the trough period used to inspire themselves.In fact, life as He Wei said, it will not be as good as imagined, but it is not as bad as imagined.Life is not always going to be as good as you want it to be. Ups and downs are what life is all about. You may be in a slump right now.Silently, even if you are tortured to death by life, there is still fire in your eyes and light in your heart.