If you live in Hanbi Lou, you can’t leave

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Nanjing, the ancient capital of six dynasties, has a history that can’t be finished in three days and nights. If you want to know more about it, you can’t miss Nanjing Hanbi Lou.A collection of Nanjing history of the building, you live here is to live with the history of Nanjing building, history and culture with you every day with food and sleep, exciting and exciting.In terms of design concept, Nanjing Culby Building is based on the history and culture of Nanjing. It was designed by Soo K. Chan, the international architect of SCDA, in combination with the history and culture of the Republic of China in Nanjing. The strong feelings of the Republic of China are reflected in every corner of The Culby Building.Each Hanbi Building is related to local culture. The Sun Moon Lake Hanbi Building combines the Shao culture, Qingdao Hanbi Building combines the Qilu culture, and Nanjing Hanbi Building combines the six Dynasties and The Culture of the Republic of China. Each culture has a story, and nanjing has rich and colorful historical and cultural stories.Came to lalu pavilion, attracted to the layout of the new Chinese style is contemporary and contracted, the six dynasties ancient capital cultural microcosm fully integrated into the whole design layout, the city of the ancient city of lasting appeal to perform here, see the ornament of traditional culture is to move open pace, celadon is connected fully, the elegance of black porcelain, bring out the best in each other, here let in which people are more and more as along with the gender.The design of each space is endowed with an obscure symbol of regional culture, and attentive guests will find these details unconsciously, thus making the living experience more interesting and meaningful.Connected with and overlapping with history, Hanbi Lou collects the history of Nanjing.Let the person live here with close contact nanjing history of the republic of China, walk in the space, with nanjing historical dialogue, know their past, and the future into it in the next decade At home in nanjing hexi, house prices are above 450 thousand, so close line of nanjing lalu pavilion, now the price of more than 30000, obviously, this is a price to be underestimated.With the further improvement of people’s demand for life, and the delicacy and care of Culbi Lou, its price will rise in the future.