Instrument for testing calorific value of biomass fuel wood particle calorific value tester

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Assay biomass fuel calorific value of the instrument of wood grain heat value tester, test biomass fuel calorific value of the instrument the calorific value of wood particle meter by providing solid biomass fuel calorific value tester tests biomass granule calorific value of the instruments, wood particles calorific value assay apparatus, wood solid biomass briquette heat test instrument, test particles calorific value of the equipment,Calorific value assay particle heat instrument biomass particle detector, assay sawdust fuel calorific value of the equipment, the straw fuel calorific value tester, biomass granule calorific value testing equipment, wood grain heat test instruments, straw rice husk particles calorific value tester, wood burning point meter coal sample room (including sample preparation, sample storage, drying, such as reducing ash room) should be clear,Not affected by wind and rain and external dust, dustproof equipment.All rooms of sample preparation room need cement floor.Where the comminution room is used for mixing, steel plates with a thickness of more than 6mm should be laid on the cement floor.There should be no heat source in the room where the coal samples are stored.When sampling in the coal flow, according to the size of the coal flow, to one or two to three times cross section of the coal flow to take a sub-sample.Sampling in two or three times shall be carried out in the order of left and right or left, middle and right, and the sampling parts shall not be staggered and repeated.Silver coil: diameter of silk about 0.25mm.Copper wire coil: wire diameter is about 0.5mm.Oxygen: 99.9%, no hydrogen, oxygen cylinder shall be equipped with pressure gauge balance with pressure reducing valve that can adjust the flow: accuracy not less than 0.001g;Porcelain crucible and crucible cover: see Figure 1;Stirring wire: made of metal wire with diameter of 1 ~ 1.5mm,