Little naughty bowl bowl

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Wan Wan is the first rabbit I adopted. It is a male cat.Its owner is a warren, that day in the circle of friends to send a bowl bowl, says it is waist, can eat can drink, which has no toes, is a blemish the small rabbit rabbit, I think just can play with zi zi, contact the bowls of the host, she promised to give me the bowls of adoption, I promises to treat bowls.The bowl bowl is to take the high-speed train to Huzhou, that day I went to pick up the bowl bowl, just know its mother first vivivium it is not experienced, bite the umbilical cord when the back foot 10 toes together bite off, I saw the bowl bowl when the small feet have long, is the back foot is shorter than the normal section, so I call him bowl small feet.His owner told me that he took it out of the milk box just before he came in order to make him drink more milk.I looked at a bowl of fluffy really cute, thought just born suffered such pain, I must treat the bowl, no longer let it suffer a little.When I first came in, I thought Wan Wan was a baby girl, but my niece was reading the legend of Zhen Huan, so she named it Huan Huan. When she grew up, she found it was a cute little rabbit who could eat very well, so she changed her name to Wan Wan.Bowl bowl lively good move, in order to follow zi Zi loose raise together, to more than six months to do sterilization, became a bowl father-in-law.Now Wan Wan five years old, has been in old age, still lively and lovely, there is no big change, cat cat rabbit is not good stomach, need special attention, other aspects but nothing special.Bowls of weakness is biting and chaos to pull, it accounts for almost all of the bad habit of rabbit rabbit, bite because the timid, hand near a it I thought it was against it, will be the first to mouth, disorderly pull is of turf, bowls, though a father-in-law, but still competitive, especially like to my bed to pull urine, this is a day will do, is really strange, it is no use,I still do what I do, so Wan-wan only comes out at night to play with Sasha.Time flies, a little milk rabbit bowl bowl to my house for a month is now an old age, eat the rabbit food for the elderly, a few hours a day with Sasa be bored with crooked together, life easy and free, bad habits do not have to change, only wish it healthy and happy!Handsome bowls of how lovely small rabbit bowls of milk steamed stuffed bun face the most like the small mouth young babies with bowls of bowls looked at two bowls, with the baby with the baby when the baby is more than a month I suppose the baby baby grow up together with bowls of bowls Salsa bowls bowl father-in-law bowl bound feet together with flower bowls with salsa bowls and very harmonious with salsa five bowls of the birthday rabbit