“The World” in the spring swallow “sleep married” absurd foolish move, with Liang Xiaosheng three habits

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“The World” in the spring swallow “sleep married” plot, in any case, in this TV play and the original novel are particularly touching eyes, think carefully, is not worth pondering, against human ethics, is absurd in nature.The more absurd part of this plot is Chunyan’s mother, who is also the active planner of her daughter’s virginity.In “the world”, Chunyan mother and bingkun mother, early black box planning, to create chunyan and bingkun men and women living in a room, the two mothers of both men and women plan, finally in 1973 Spring Festival, relying on talent opportunities, pushed the implementation of the agenda.From the point of the hand over to treat, ChunYan to work in the bathroom, service model, or the city sight should be very high, some of the wooden house old three grasp kunduz, power tools, just a factory in the intensity of labor is significantly higher than ChunYan baths to work, also have no what advantages, on the job ChunYan wishfully after grasp kun, would seem a bit far-fetched,But what is even more incredible in the TV series is that Chunyan’s mother falls into the trap of her mother-in-law liking her son-in-law more and more. She tries every means to make her daughter and her favorite man achieve good things.Play Chunyan’s mother had discussed, let Chunyan live in bingkun’s home, and bingkun’s mother left home, live in her home, so that a pair of lonely men and women can be in one room, the freedom to develop the kind of relationship that two mothers expect.The setup, for the mother of a girl, is almost unbelievable.Itself ChunYan mother as a n experienced person, should also see that hot face of ChunYan adhered to kunming, always is a perfunctory attitude, in general, as the girl’s mother, for her daughter with the object, with extremely careful, it’s hard to believe, will be like the mother, the daughter to a man’s home, let them mature uncooked rice cooking.Thus, the plot of “The World” is obviously surprising, but it lacks rationality.The girl’s mother’s ill-advised gambit soon went wrong.Chunyan unexpectedly was captured overnight by Cao Debao, who could play harmonica (cello in the original work), and got into Cao debao’s bed on his own.Of course, it was later confessed that this was actually a plot set by Chunyan, just like tigress in Camel Xiangzi pretending to be pregnant and forcing Xiangzi to submit.From Chunyan’s later words, Cao Debao did get into Chunyan’s bed, but did not succeed, so Chunyan’s words are half right, that is, the fact of getting into bed exists, but the pregnancy behind is fictional.But their about xiangzi is, after all, has long coveted, and “human” ChunYan, before always have a special liking to grasp kunming, chasing him all day, on camera, she had already lust extinction can’t wait to catch the chance he will come up a kiss, it should be said that her psychological, elder brother have grasp on the position of a must belong to him, but she just wanna don’t overnight,For women, is an almost magical emotion transformation process, but it all, but in the “world” as a common plot to deduce, obviously deviated from the normal state of mind of a woman, let alone in a hutong in ChunYan or girl grow in normal family, it is hard to believe that she is able to such “people”.In fact, we see that when Chunyan and Cao Debao get into bed, Chunyan’s mother is very angry, and Chunyan’s father is furious, and even vowed to Sue the court.Here the TV series has a “wear gang” setting.Because of the great changes in the operation mechanism of public security law during the Cultural Revolution, the functions of courts were concentrated in the public security department, and there was no court at all.In short, Chunyan’s father still cares about his daughter’s reputation, which shows that the overall moral concept of the family is quite traditional, while Chunyan’s mother can arbitrarily decide the marriage power of her daughter, and even forcibly push her daughter to the precipice of losing her virginity, which lacks the basic reality.This plot of “The World” is not easy to watch.To call “The World” a work of realism would be to be taken with a grain of salt.In fact, this phenomenon is a common practice in Liang Xiaosheng’s novels. We should also look for the cause and effect from Liang Xiaosheng’s writing style.This involves liang Xiaosheng’s novels have three characteristics, we can summarize: one is ritualization.In liang Xiaosheng’s early novels, one of his favorite plots is the sudden rage of the characters and a slap on the face. Through this form of violence, a ritualized action is generated.This ritualization was even practiced by Liang Xiaosheng in his real life.After graduating from college, Liang xiaosheng stayed in Beijing, disgusted by the dirty and untidy streets near where he lived. He fought doggedly against the usual appearance of such streets, until one day, he calmly looked at the most common sound of the city.We can use a move from Syracuse to see just how fake this ritualization can be.In the novel, the educated youth cadre Yao Yuhui, after returning to the city, still does not allow others to insult the holy status of the educated youth, when she heard her brother’s words, insulting the educated youth, the novel says that she “suddenly jumped up, ruthlessly slapped her brother in the face.”The gesture has the ritualized character of the stage, and in reality, many of us don’t turn into ritualized violence when confronted with verbal discordance.The second is alienation.It is “unconventional”, that is, to show the difference with inversion.Liang Xiaosheng’s early novels are famous for the subject of educated youth, and he tries to strengthen the heroic color of educated youth.In the general context at that time, the educated youth was mentioned as a factor of a failed movement. Liang Xiaosheng’s intention of the existence of the educated youth was exaggerated, which reversed the qualitative nature of The Times, and finally covered the educated youth with a halo of heroism.However, Liang Xiaosheng was soon subjected to his beautification.Because he pretends to be the spokesperson of educated youth, so in reality educated youth encounter difficulties, then ask for help to him, and Liang Xiaosheng does not have any ability to help those who come to his peers for help, and in this process, he also saw those approached his educated youth who all kinds of bad habits.This directly led him to re-examine the value content of the educated youth group, so it also affected the general tone of his educated youth novels.In fact, his early blindly saintly educated youth tone had a 180 degrees of a big turn.The most typical sign is that the upper part of “Snow City” is completely different from the lower part of the style. In the upper part, he is the spokesman of an educated youth, and tries his best to give sympathy and beauty to the educated youth after they return to the city, just like when the laid-off trend started, people in the literary and art circles take the laid-off as a fashion and smear it into a solemn and heroic color.But in the “Syracuse” at the bottom, Liang Xiaosheng in front, a language reveals meanness in the educated youth group factor, he finally realized that in the ministry to please to the high educated youth beautiful beautiful colour at the same time, he also to carry on the point of riding a tiger, finally by “Syracuse” at the bottom, he abandoned the past has been negative for educated youth body of tragic heroism emotions,And the description of the life of the educated youth who returns to their parents.This kind of characterization of the educated youth has continued to the World. He did not create the myth of heroism of the educated youth in the World, but returned to the realistic description of the ordinary and vulgar.However, Liang xiaosheng’s creative tendency will not fade with age.He still set some disobey the common sense of the plot, to meet the requirements of “stand opposite sex” inside, so in the world, he is unlikely to like before processing educated youth topic, reverse the qualitative of The Times, the hero of the educated youth to the high into the book of genesis, however, he still succumb to his creative impulses, the real life situation of reverse reality,To make some unconventional plots and emotions contrary to the routine of life, to conform to his creative habits.His desire is so strong that it leads to the repeated layout of the illicit relationships in The World.ChunYan drill bed plot, to some extent, is also a man drunk disorderly version, despite the fact she catered to the male-dominated world of harassment, but a fact that the play is as an event has already happened and sparked a stir within the family, later is Cao Debao became inserted down the door son-in-law, to resolve the contradictions.Of course, the TV drama did not mention that after the incident, Cao Debao agreed to all the conditions of Chunyan’s house, including compensation, inverted door, which can be called the terms of national humiliation in love, but it is enough to show that a girl is a strange man under the bed, is against normal social morality.In another context, it’s a sexual assault.Similarly in Zheng Juan’s experience, we can still see the unconventional characteristics of this kind of rebellious life reality.Zheng Juan has pregnancy, it is below the circumstance that a rib root is interrupted in her, but accepted the disorderly sexual behavior of the man of violence.This is almost the same as What Happened to Chunyan, an unconventional and violent sexual assault.It can be seen that Liang Xiaosheng in “the world” by setting up some large real life can be said to be the worst of the invasive behavior of unconventional, completed his ups and downs of the story, as Liang Xiaosheng in career, widespread use of the death of life to create his novels do STH unconventional or unorthodox, beyond the realistic novelty,For example, his first award-winning novel, This is a Magical Land, is just a few thousand words short, but there are three main characters death, through the high-density death of these characters, to complete the novel novel novel novel novel novel novel novel.Liang Xiaosheng when back to real life novels creation, he still inherited the use of “novelty” to build his amazing legacy, one of the important quadrant, sexual abnormality is used to manufacture abnormal emotional connection of human relationships, such as “the world” and even the use of the gay element, to create relationships. Way of doing thingsThis can be regarded as a characteristic of all novels, but its weakness is at the expense of the authenticity and rationality of reality.The third is sanctification.This is closely related to ritualization.Including the sanctification of death, the sanctification of emotion, the sanctification of action and the sanctification of language, it gives people a feeling that the characters are like putting on a show, like appearing on the stage. It seems to have a sense of action, but after careful consideration, it is just an imagination created by Liang Xiaosheng with words.Therefore, we can see that Chunyan’s ill-fated strategy of “getting married in one sleep” is the inevitable result of liang xiaosheng’s clever naming and scheming of the plot in his creation system.It reminds us that if we think that Liang xiaosheng has always followed the principle of realism, it is obviously a complete misunderstanding and mistake that does not cut into the secret of Liang Xiaosheng’s real creation.Perhaps the critics who hold this view will be secretly snickered and sneered at by Liang Xiaosheng.Therefore, the author thinks that we, as an audience, should also keep a sober and alert to the plots set up by Liang Xiaosheng, so as not to be biased by his customary practices.Explore the secret of The World: From Zhou Bingkun’s love of Zheng Juan to Liang Xiaosheng’s sexy complex of tanghulu