The national Football Team and Japan competition is coming, Li Xiaopeng responded to Japanese reporters at the press conference, showing high emotional intelligence

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China will face Japan in the second match in the round of 12 on Jan 27, with a theoretical hope of qualifying for the World Cup. A defeat in this match will see China miss out on qualification for the World Cup altogether.On the afternoon of January 26th, Coach Li Xiaopeng and captain Wu Xi attended the pre-match press conference of the first match since he became coach of National football Team.At the press conference, the first question raised by the scene reporters was to ask Li Xiaopeng’s first game leading the National football team. What did he think?Li Xiaopeng answered, “we all know that The Japanese men’s football team ranks the first in Asia, so we don’t need to carry out too much pre-match mobilization for the players. We hope our players don’t bear too much psychological burden on the court, just focus on themselves and concentrate on playing their own technical characteristics.”When a reporter asked about the status of the overseas returning players, Li Xiaopeng said: “no matter the overseas players or naturalized players, they are in a good state, the physical condition is very good, there is no problem.”At this time, the scene of the Japanese media reporters put forward a more sharp question, said that now Japan to China’s new coach Li Xiaopeng do not understand, and the Chinese team on the Japanese team’s tactics and play rules are more clear, so for the Chinese team is very beneficial.Li Xiaopeng immediately replied: “What do you think is the most important thing in football?””The most important thing in football is the strength of the players, the overall strength of the team, not whether they know each other before the game,” he said after a pause.As a manager, I want to convey to my players the attitude and understanding of football, so that they can play a good game, and whether the game is won depends on the players on the pitch.When talking about the current Situation of the Chinese team, Li Xiaopeng answered: “The Chinese team now there is a glimmer of hope, since there is hope, we will develop around this hope to play.”Finally, some Japanese media raised sharp questions, saying that the Chinese naturalized players did not participate in the Chinese football league later matches, will have a negative impact on tomorrow’s match.Li answered firmly, “I would like to say that the reporter who raised this question only found the bad side, but did not see the good side.The fact that naturalized Chinese players come all the way back to our team shows that they love Chinese football and want to be with It as much as they can.”Facing all kinds of sharp questions from Japanese journalists, Li Xiaopeng, the new head coach of The National football Team, responded to all kinds of questions freely and tactfully at the press conference. His emotional intelligence was obviously much higher than that of the former head coach Li Tie. I hope that under the leadership of Li Xiaopeng, the National football Team can show its fighting ability in the competition.This article is the original article of the sports community, prohibit reprinting, breach of responsibility will be investigated.The author will update sports articles in a timely manner, welcome to like me.