What hotel should I book for travel?The article will take you to understand the hotel class

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For vacation or business trip, the first thing to consider is to choose a hotel, we are familiar with hanting, Marriott, Sheraton…If these hotels have a segment, which is the real king?Bronze Huanpeng, Zhixuan Holiday, Ibis, Home Inns, Hanting, Garden, Holiday Inn, All Season, Merlot are affordable, with basic facilities and services, but the accommodation is more general, suitable for people with limited budgets.The cadillacs and Volvos of luxury cars.Silver Courtyard, Four Points, Noble, Doublet, Hyatt, Jia Xuan, Crowne Plaza, Grand Merlot, Wanda Wenhua high-end grade, guaranteed service, environment, complete facilities, living without disgrace, can meet a certain sense of identity needs.It’s the Mercedes and BMW of luxury cars.Golden Marriott, Westin, Sheraton, Hilton, Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, Intercontinental, Indig, Pullman, Fairmont super high-end representatives, the symbol of taste and strength, representing luxury, style, class and face, high consumption, with perfect and intimate service.Equivalent to the porsche in the luxury car and maserati king Ritz-carlton, Eddie Johnson, JW marriott, waldorf astoria, park hyatt, raffles, banyan tree, peninsula, the four seasons, the mandarin Oriental representative acme costly, in addition to the “no human nature in” hardware, privacy and uniqueness are first-class, has the hotel service, and the most spectacular and beautiful landscape,Belong to the crown of the hotel industry.It’s the equivalent of a Ferrari or a Rolls-Royce in a luxury car and it’s all summed up in this picture.