Ganjiang Bridge of Chang-Jiangxi High-speed Railway was awarded luban Prize of China construction Project

2022-06-22 0 By

China Railway 21st Bureau Group, China Railway 16th Bureau Group and other units participated in the construction of Ganzhou Ganjiang Bridge of Chang-Jiangxi High-speed Railway, and won the Luban Award of China Construction Project 2020-2021 (National Quality Project).Guided by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and selected by the China Construction Industry Association, the award is the highest award for the quality of construction projects in China.Chang-jiangxi High-speed Railway is the first high-speed railway in the cradle of the Revolution of the Republic of China, known as the “red high-speed railway line” in the hometown of the Red Revolution.Ganjiang Bridge in Ganzhou, with a total length of 2.156 kilometers, is China’s first long-span high-speed railway cable-stayed bridge with a design speed of 350 kilometers per hour.The main bridge of the bridge is semi-floating system flexible bridge, the main span is 300 meters long, the main tower adopts curve “people” type bridge tower, tower bottom above the full height of 120.6 meters, with its complex structure, technical difficulty, known as the industry “Thousands of Miles of Ganjiang River first bridge”.The personnel involved in the construction of the high-speed rail box girder erection of China Railway 21st Bureau Group adopt intelligent spray maintenance mode, according to the shape and size of the box girder carefully designed walking track, walking device and spray system, to achieve the box girder all-round, no dead Angle spray maintenance requirements.Adopt automatic tension equipment, change manual operation to intelligent automatic control, improve tension accuracy and reliability.It adopts the leading beam transport and frame erection machine in China, which improves the work efficiency of beam erection, reduces the time occupied by the transport and frame equipment in the positive channel, and solves the problems of finished box girder passing through the tunnel.A general view of ganjiang Bridge in operation in Ganzhou