Looking for the true charm of ink and wash string flowing notes between fingers is just like the diffuse aesthetic guitar music of splashing ink on rice paper

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Pinghu autumn moon, Yangguan Triple, wine crazy, Hujia eighteen clap, plum blossom three lane, “traditional Chinese music ink danqing has been freehand in the” piano, silizhu “between.Lingering lingering, a chant three sigh, condensation frost smoke, lingering rhyme around.Guitar is an ancient western musical instrument with many genres.Despite its rich timbre and amazing expressiveness, it is still extremely challenging to play Chinese music.Zhao zi and his friends are doing just that.Listen closely to “Ink River and Mountains,” which creates the illusion of time travel as ancient Chinese melodies play on guitar strings.The musical notes flowing between the fingers of the strings are just like the dispersion of ink on rice paper, which makes people remember for a long time — the musical feelings of ancient Chinese people, floating on the strings of a modern musician, are resplendently reborn in our ears.Release Company: Beijing Tianhe Tianren Culture Co., LTD. Publication Company: China Science and Culture Audio & Video Publishing House ISRC: CN-A23-09-326-00/A.J6 Release Date:May 2009 Track List: 01.Yangguan Sandi 02 Pinghu Autumn Moon 03 Wine crazy 04 Good night 05 Lotus out of water 06Spring snow 07. Plum blossom three lane 08. Phoenix beg for the bird 09.11. Step by step 12. Plug up the tune