Many batches of medical workers arrived in Shanghai by high-speed train

2022-06-22 0 By

Yangtze Evening News network April 4 (correspondent Yang Xin reporter Xu Yuan Yuan) At 15:45 on April 3, another group of 1030 tianjin medical staff arrived at Shanghai Hongqiao station by G267 train, according to the relevant departments will go to Shanghai to fight the epidemic front line.Thousands of medical workers from Wuhan, Tianjin and Nanchang arrived in Shanghai on 10 high-speed trains carrying medical supplies.The epidemic is an order, and transportation is a responsibility.Shanghai Railway Station quickly set up special work teams, worked out transportation service guarantee plans, opened special channels, and made environmental control measures in advance. Each group of medical personnel arriving in Shanghai was provided with “one train, one plan” for departure guidance and transfer of medical supplies.Dozens of passengers from the railway “Xinshang” service studio stand on the platform to pick up the train in advance, do a good job in guiding the organization of medical staff getting off, leaving the station and measuring the temperature, assist in unloading and transferring medical supplies, and ensure the safe, fast and orderly departure of medical staff in Shanghai.Proofreading su Yun source: Purple Cow News