She Huo “make” a happy year

2022-06-22 0 By

Shehuo Spring Festival flavor thick.On February 13, the fire team of Sigou Village, Jingyang Town, Datong Hui And Tu Autonomous County, Xining City, performed in Tuguan Village, Datong County. The scene was very lively and filled with a peaceful and festive atmosphere.The actors dressed in festive costumes, dancing to the cheerful drums, gave a new look of people and sang the new life of the masses.Planning: Gu Hong shooting/text: hui-hui zhang Mr. Wong/voiceover: hui-hui zhang producer: Korea xiang total supervision: only gong manuscript source: journal of qinghai client statement: the above content in addition to indicate the source of manuscript, both for qinghai daily’s original manuscript, the copyright media platform for the qinghai journal belongs to all, without the written permission is strictly prohibited reproduced, offenders will investigate!