The United States fire itself, the ruble or become the West “lifesaving medicine”, many countries to help Russia hit a beautiful battle

2022-06-22 0 By

At its own peril, the United States marshals its Allies to sanction Russia.Russian assets freeze, Russian import and export trade restrictions?The US sanctions hit the nail on the head, but they did not know they were on fire.Russia retaliated with a list of unfriendly countries and regions.Reverse?The rouble may be the west’s salvation.Many countries stay awake and help Russia fight a good battle.America’s desire for hegemony is beyond our imagination.The United States seems to have seen a silver lining in sanctions against Russia by engaging its Allies with both carrot and stick.Russia’s assets were frozen, imports and exports were restricted, it was removed from the Council of Europe, it was removed from most-favored-nation status and everything.On the face of it, it seems, the US has “won big” and is triumphant.But in fact, the United States lit a fire that also burned itself.Because Russia is starting to counter, and it’s not doing its best yet.For now, Russia faces two battlefields.One visible, one invisible.Let’s leave the visible for a moment and talk about the invisible.Russia is tightening up and loosening up, directly confounding the West.What do you mean?Mr Putin announced that “unfriendly countries” such as the US and Europe would have to pay for Russian gas in roubles.According to CCTV, Putin said in a recent video conference that because of illegal decisions made by the United States and other countries against Russia, direct Russian use of dollars and euros is no longer meaningful.To this end, Russia will implement comprehensive measures as soon as possible, such as switching to rubles for gas supplies from “unfriendly countries and regions”.Mr Putin said Russia would not “take short weight” from contracts signed with “unfriendly countries and regions” and would continue to supply them at the same quantity and price as previously agreed.The only change, however, is in currency, in rubles.The measure is expected to be finalized and implemented within a week.This is a “pleasant surprise” for western countries.It’s amazing that it’s in rubles. It’s amazing that Russia didn’t terminate the contract because of western sanctions, which means that EU gas will continue to flow.Now it is up to the Western countries to make a choice.One way is to accept Russia’s offer and keep the contract.That would be more likely. After all, Europe relies on natural gas in winter, so the question of life and death is worth considering.But where does the west get its roubles from?And if rubles were traded, the western way of financial transactions might face a shake-up, which would be a big shock.But without Russian gas, it could be Europe that doesn’t survive the winter.The alternative would be to fight Russia to the end and seek out other countries that could supply gas, making the Russian plan ineffective.This operation of Russia is undoubtedly the implementation of “de-dollarization”.Mr Putin is no slouch, either.And as American sanctions continue to deepen, more and more countries wake up and help Russia, playing a good fight.Before Russia, Iran, Cuba, Afghanistan and other countries have been subject to sanctions from the United States, the United States sanctions this time also set off alarm bells in more countries.India is in talks to set up a new settlement mechanism with Russia, which it remains close to despite the threat of sanctions from America.In addition, China has made its position clear, Malaysia and Vietnam have announced that they will not impose unilateral sanctions, and Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela and many other countries are rejecting the United States.By doing so, Russia is leveraging the status of the dollar and pushing back against US hegemony.This time, I believe more and more countries will support Russia.(qi month)