Bashu countryside is about to open gaoping rural tourism add a new scene

2022-06-23 0 By

With a total investment of 89 million yuan, Nanchong Bashu Field Park Tanhuali has entered the final stage of construction, and is expected to open on January 28. Gaoping rural tourism has added a new “bright spot”.Recently, the reporter came to be located in gaoping district east view town Guanyinqiao village of nanchong Bashu field park explore flowers, but see the park’s main infrastructure equipment has been completed, workers are nervous to close the work.”Our park focuses on ‘five parks and one center’, such as flowers and plants expo park, leisure and vacation experience park, parent-child park, teaching and research science park, health care and pension park and service security Center, to create a characteristic rural culture and tourism destination that can stay green mountains and clear waters and rural nostalgia.”Sichuan Bashu rural tourism co., LTD. Chairman peng Can told reporters.It is understood that the total investment in Nanchong Bashu Rural Tanhua is about 89 million yuan, covering an area of more than 1000 mu, is a set of children play, mountain waterfront leisure, dining and entertainment as one of the ecological characteristics of rural tourism attractions.After opening, the park will not only attract a large number of tourists to Visit Gaoping, but also increase the income of more than 100 local villagers through land rent and labor in the park.”I am from this village. The village will soon open and need to hire staff. I come here to work, close to home and earn money.Guanyinqiao village villagers Deng Liang said happily.In recent years, Gaoping District has encouraged villagers to participate in the development of rural tourism by vigorously attracting investment and focusing on the development of comprehensive ecological rural tourism.At present, Bashang grassland and Conch Bay scenic spots have become popular rural tourism destinations, “Jinhu Town” and Longlin Hotpot have become popular online card sites, and gaoping rural tourism is increasingly thriving.Gaoping District Rong Media Center reporter: Wang Sisong reports