Look forward to three years of zhenping county this woman finally have “identity”

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Image network news (Elephant news reporter Zhang Dingyou correspondent Wang Xiaoping) “Concept ability style construction year” since the launch of the activity, Zhenping County Public Security Bureau household affairs section firmly establish “close to the people, benefit the people, facilitate the people, for the people” for the purpose of consciousness, based on the actual work, expand the extension of functions, comprehensively improve the level of household registration window management services,Fully demonstrated the public security organs for the people love the good image.In February 2022, when the police of the Household Affairs Department visited the countryside, they found that the villager jiang’s girlfriend had been living in the local area for more than three years and had given birth to a child, who was about to go to kindergarten but did not declare to enroll.Police feel strange, repeatedly inquire next just know reason.In the afternoon, after many inquiries, Police Officer Li Jia of the Department of Household Affairs contacted jiang’s family through the local police station of his girlfriend’s domicile, and told his father and sister one by one about the current situation and true thoughts of his daughter’s life here on the phone, and let his daughter and grandpa meet for the first time through video.Three years of complaints and puzzlement melt into tears on this scale.Finally, under the sincere persuasion of the police, the family agreed to the marriage.After that, his sister also came to jiang’s home to visit her sister.After receiving the consent and blessing of the woman’s family, police Officer Li Jia actively coordinated and communicated with the civil administration and the hospital to help Jiang and his girlfriend to apply for the marriage certificate and the medical certificate of their daughter’s birth.At present, after the above documents are completed, the Household administration Department can handle the migration and household formalities for them, and the household registration for their children.The crowd is no small matter, HuZhengKe zhenping county public security bureau will continue to uphold the “to do the masses as the center” the service idea, with sincere to distress sorrow for the masses to solve the problem, the practical and do good and do good, through the solid work, enthusiastic service, continuously improve the masses get feeling, happiness, security and satisfaction.(Image.net Nanyang News Hotline: 18003713016, contributed email: yxwny2021@126.com)