Lucky lottery 3D22032 analysis data

2022-06-23 0 By

Hello everyone, I am caishun, an old lottery player.Yesterday’s lucky lottery 3D drawing number is 664, is the large size of the shape, 001 road trend, and the value of 16 span of 2 a note group to choose three numbers.The data I shared with you yesterday was not very good.Today, we will continue to share the data of issue 032, and hope you can refer to the comments, like and forward!Positioning direct selection compound;Hundreds 357. Tens 489. Ones 247, select duplex, 57/49/47.Group selection six and group selection three group selection compound;Size five 24579, size six 245789.13/18 and values.1/5 span.Dude4, direct pick one 544.The above analysis to share personal views for reference only.Play color has a risk, investment needs caution!Good luck to you all!