Sunshine travel guide, little lovely stroll to eat necessary

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Rizhao in Shandong province is almost a tourist must go to a city ~ travel to eat is also a must ~ this guide will give you Lao understand to go to Rizhao want to eat more delicious should go to play ~ Rizhao ten thousand scenic area of Rizhao ten thousand scenic area is the most famous although scenic spots, but around the delicious but really many.If you were to slant a bit late in the morning in the past, suggest that we go to the door around 1 from a lot of hotel restaurants are near ~ if you have to travel together with their children, to the first square hole scenic spot here is in fit but ~ is not only fun, if there is a playground and a children’s park to play next to tired hungry,You can just go to the chocolate fisherman across the street and show off their seafood.Rizhao Dongyi town in rizhao Dongyi town is really a lot of delicious, know the partners here should know, the food street here is famous for delicious ~ it is said that there are 108 authentic Shandong food ~ the price is not expensive and the quantity is also sufficient, cost-effective is really cost-effective ~ there is a cultural innovation street,Although there are many delicious dishes here, if you want to eat seafood, I suggest you go out to eat. After all, the scenic area is not very authentic. Not far from here is the downtown area, and there are many delicious seafood restaurants.Like chocolate accommodation facilities, wang yuan seafood restaurants before delicious seafood restaurants are within the taxi fare to rizhao state beach forest park here ~ better good to see you bring your own lunch better good ~ come here to play the main is to enjoy life yo ~ in addition to the side of the sequoia groves below there’s a grocery store, you can buy some ice cream and some snacks,Not bask in the sun, the wind blowing, a set of sen is photos and listen to pleasant ~ for daily work pressure is bigger of the two friends, I recommend you to come over to relax ~ warm prompt come here to play must be strategy, for individual people or recommend what the taxi driver must properly analyze,This time, some restaurants and hotels will reach an agreement with some drivers, so we must treat them rationally