Watch! “Book” in disguise

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Article | Li Guangchun scholarly society construction, make reading everyone’s needs, social institutions natural not absent.There are always newspapers, magazines and books on the shelves of public Spaces, so that everyone who wants to read can be satisfied.Even the lobby corridor of some hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, also put on a few just out of the newspaper and magazine, or classic works, let the passer-by stop to have a rest casually.Businessmen decorate the facade with books, use public activity space to create cultural atmosphere, in the homogenization will find a new way, in the pursuit of the feelings in the pursuit of profit, in differentiation can be chess superior, this business is good.Such thumbing through, for us, is the fragmentation of time with reading.Just, such pleasure sometimes also can have lost.I have made it a habit for years to stop everywhere I go and scan the shelves for the books I want to read.Go to a hotel to wait for a person, habitually take out a famous book of the world from bookcase, which know brand-new “book” unexpectedly get strange, look again it is a book box actually, conveniently touch on bookshelf “book”, without is not empty appearance, let a person good unripe surprise.After chatting with colleagues, I learned that this was a special book box used for decoration, which was specially used to decorate the appearance to create an atmosphere.The place ran much, just know this kind of book box of pretense, already become a kind of “fashion” quietly.The bookcase of city study, hotel, guesthouse is false and real, the place that people hand can get uses true book, the place that the eye sees, hand can’t reach uses false book box.For some, this popularity is “meaningful”.Do modern people, especially young people, still love books?Now some young people home decoration do not even the kitchen, in a quiet time, still reading?People of insight will not give up their social responsibilities, and will spare no effort to promote the formation of social reading habits.All kinds of book sharing meetings, reader salons, knowledge lectures, new book launches and so on, but the promoters still feel unsatisfactory, thinking that young people do not read, this is terrible.In fact, each generation has its own mission and way of life and work.Knowledge changes fate, now the young people are reading grew up generation, the thirst for knowledge will never be satisfied.The fierce competition in the workplace makes them dare not slack off in learning;Current affairs policy adjustment, so that they will not be careless in learning;Changing trends in the industry have made it impossible for them to let up on their studies.A lot of people read all the time. They read voraciously. They read and read and read.Instead of reading a book, or brewing a pot of tea, or sitting under a windowsill, or reclining on a sofa, they read with a mobile phone or iPad.Audio-visual reading has become an important way of reading for this generation of young people.Some people dismiss this as “shallow reading”, not real reading.In their opinion, holding a paper book, sitting down to read it slowly and writing something with a pen is “deep reading”.Every man has his hobbyhorse.What kind of reading can be better and faster to absorb new knowledge, is a good way.People have been reading since the beginning of writing, and the medium of reading is constantly changing.The interest in the medium of reading itself is the domain of a few experts.Ordinary people will not study the oracle bone script, nor will they hold bamboo slips to read.Iterative inheritance makes modern reading knowledge storage more abundant and flexible use more convenient.Electronic reading and paper reading go hand in hand and grow together, expanding the space of reading together.Reading is the universal pursuit of the society, in the era of knowledge explosion, we all know that knowledge is power, reading to change the fate, without “teacher” posture, to belittle and ridicule and even interfere with electronic reading.We should respect that we choose the way of reading which we think is more convenient, faster and more effective.This is also the publishing house in the paper book at the same time, simultaneous launch of e-books on the market the fundamental reason.Network society, digital economy is a big industry.Electronic reading has become a new effective way of reading without people’s will.People no longer deliberately to decorate the appearance of the study, more is to seek their own cultivation skills to improve, to seize all the reading opportunities, to charge their own life, so that their own value, so that “open books beneficial” become the motto, so that “plough reading family” become the family heirloom.The style of books has changed. A mobile phone or iPad is like a library that you can carry around. With a swipe of your finger, the book turns over a page, which paragraph is important, the screenshot is easy to save, the thoughtful comments can be written in any color with e-ink…Modern science and technology bring benefits to mankind.In an age when everyone carries a library, in order to retain memories, some hotels and restaurants used fake books for appearance, I would rather kindly understand as: reverence for culture, do business and get rich do not forget to create a reading atmosphere;For cultural inheritance, public space reminds the formation of reading habits;To the dissemination of culture, the whole society nourishes the growth of reading groups.(The writer is a special researcher at the College of Arts, Yangzhou University)