Give every seed spring to grow

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In view of the implementation of the “double reduction” policy and the implementation of the “Family Education Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China” in the first winter vacation, teachers, students and parents should have what arrangements, in order to have a high-quality winter vacation, the newspaper invited Beijing special class principals and special class teachers to advise you.Winter vacation life is coming to an end, the parents of the parent-child relationship is harmonious?Do you think and sum up the way of your education?Today, the newspaper invited Xu Hui, principal of Yizhuang Primary School in Beijing economic development District and a first-class teacher in Beijing, to help you recruit.Recently, family education has not only become a concern of parents, but also a hot topic of the whole society, due to the promulgation and implementation of the Family Education Promotion Law.This promoting law clarifies the value relationship among family, school and social education based on children’s standpoint, and arouses people’s correct cognition of family education.It is a great thing to promote the change of education ecology.If children are growing seeds, the Family Education Promotion Act is the spring that these seeds yearn for.What should family education give children?How can this one seed, or grow into a unique towering tree or flower spread over the whole field?This is the question we cannot avoid.Family education is the starting point and end point of life education. At present, a lot of family education presents a bad state of “being born without raising, raising without teaching, and teaching without being proper”. Parents are anxious and children are involved.For this reason, we should “start with the end”, with the end of life growth of the thinking, to examine and position the family education in the new era.Family education is the foundation and background of life.Austrian psychologist Adler once said: “happy people are cured by childhood all their lives, unhappy people are cured by childhood all their lives.”The influence of early family education on a person is like the embryo whose seeds cannot be discarded, which lasts for a lifetime and has a profound influence.However, there are some embarrassing realities in family education: utilitarian education equates family education with knowledge learning and intelligence training, while moral cultivation is ignored, resulting in some children have talent but no virtue, and some children lose their curiosity about the world and persistent pursuit of love for things too early.All this warns us that family education is the reserve of a person’s whole life, rather than a temporary utilitarian need.Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice in the world and a great Agricultural scientist in China, has made remarkable achievements and benefited the whole world. His deeds are widely known.In his childhood, his mother encouraged him to explore bravely and cultivated his passion for his own interests, which was the spiritual pillar of his childhood.When Yuan Longping grew up, he still retained his love for hybrid rice research. When he decided to explore rice breeding alone in a remote and barren mountain village, his mother resolutely chose to live in a small village with her son.The recognition of his mother and the support of his family gave Yuan Longping great power to grow up in his life.Especially Yuan Longping study continuous failure, feel confused and frustrated, mother simple sentence: “failure is the mother of success.”Yuan reinvigorated himself and continued to engage in subsequent experimental research, eventually achieving achievements that moved the world.Everyone will encounter setbacks and frustrations, but even when the will is most fragile and the mood is most sad, the warm encouragement, firm support and full trust from family and relatives will rekindle the confidence and courage to overcome difficulties.The growth history of Yuan Longping lets us see that family education is like fertile soil, warm sunshine and abundant water needed for the growth of seeds…There is not only wisdom in the family, but also virtue;Not only for childhood encouragement, but also for a lifetime of inspiration…Second, family education is interesting company, is the best gift of childhood.Professor Lee Mi-geun, a renowned child education expert, said, It is the greatest kindness to accompany a child to grow up.A sound family does not mean a sound family education. Many social problems are attributed to people. Where are people’s problems attributed to?It comes down to early years.”In childhood, the companionship and love of parents is the best medicine to cure loneliness. It is a ray of sunshine to the lonely heart and can remove the haze from the heart.Love and warmth can come from the company, children can experience a continuous sense of security and confidence in the company of parents’ love.Parents’ love is not only to give, care, more is to accompany, lead: interesting company, become the most interesting “playmate” of children;The direction leads, imperceptible positive influence.Lin Juemin, the father of Ms. Lin Huiyin, a modern Chinese architect, guided her to read poems and books at an early age and accompanied her to travel around Europe to broaden her vision.Lin huiyin grew up to be a talented and successful architect.Parents’ companionship and guidance are the most affectionate love for their children and an indispensable factor in family education.Three, family members grow up together, is the best weather for family education.A good family education should have a rich, warm and harmonious family atmosphere, like soil, air and water, which nourishes the progress of each family member.A loving, harmonious and warm family environment will project the family education message of respect, equality, gratitude and freedom.In family education, parents are the best teachers for their children. They accompany their children to learn and grow together and promote each family member to make progress with each other, which is the real meaning of family education.Growing up together in a family, everyone’s wishes, have the opportunity to express and realize;Everyone’s demands will be listened to and understood accordingly.Family members love, tolerate, support and help each other to form a good family tradition.All these are the reasons why “Family Education Promotion Law” takes “moral cultivation” as the fundamental task and promotes the iteration and upgrading of the new model of family education.The introduction of family Education Promotion Law has spawned a new atmosphere of family education, just like spring on the earth, warm and nourishing the growing seeds, germinating, spitting green and thriving…In time, will be or flowers diffuse fields, or shady trees!Integrated from modern Education Daily, Yizhuang small