Mango is awesome!Five new generation hosts + all people, won a full house as soon as the show began

2022-06-24 0 By

For so many years, hunan TV has never lost in variety shows.Last year, Mango station made one big move after another, “Happy Camp” cancelled, “Day Day Up” revamped.When everyone thought hunan Taiwan was in crisis, it released “Time Concert”, “Happy Singing Caravan” and “Shop on the Cloud”, one of the main healing, one of the main earth gas, one of the main poverty alleviation.Sure enough, or Hunan TV most understand the audience’s appetite.Recently, Hunan TV has produced a new variety show, which is worth mentioning.How good is this show?Generally speaking, in order to ensure audience rating, many programs choose to invite some famous stars.”We Go Forward” is a bit unconventional. It doesn’t have any stars.The main character of the program is “blue friend”, that is, the fireman. From one real accident after another, we have a deeper understanding of the greatness and difficulty of the fireman and can also learn more fire fighting knowledge from it. This program is very educational.In addition to the “blue friend”, hunan Station just officially announced 5 new generation of hosts also joined the “Courage forward we”, Cui Lei, Feng Xi, Liu Guohao, Sun Leyan, Yang Yifan as a volunteer firefighter, and firefighters eat and live with the same training.After the program was broadcast, several hosts from Hunan TV helped to promote it, including Liang Tian, Jin Mengjia and Du Haitao.Among them, Du Haitao has not been active for nearly two months, and this announcement to promote the new variety show is a bit surprising.In fact, it is not difficult to understand that “We march forward bravely” is called “Real Man 3”, with “Real Man” shadow, Du Haitao once participated in this variety show.Seeing the five rookies training with the firefighters, he probably remembered his training days in the barracks.That year’s A Real Man was well received, and this year’s We Go Forward is no less impressive.Whole people + new generation host, this configuration is not too ideal, but the word of mouth unexpectedly good, ratings rising, won the first time ratings, seen in kua.After reading two episodes, what impressed me most was a house fire case, which was very alarming.The fire station received a call about a house fire in a community and needed emergency assistance.Firefighters responded as quickly as they could and made arrangements while in the car, which included immediately shutting down power to the property.Home fire must be the first time to power, although it is a common sense, but still some people do not understand, can have a person to see this program to understand this knowledge, the significance of the program is not general.The person who answered the phone told the firefighters that the property had put out the fire, which came as a surprise to the firefighters.However, firefighters still arrived at the scene to find the fire was still burning and black smoke was pouring out of the window.The fire started in the bedroom when the aunt saw the wires on the bed and decided to use a lighter to burn it. Unexpectedly, the fire started, so she took the quilt to cover it. As a result, the fire got bigger and bigger and burned everything in the master bedroom.A small thimble, cause so big accident unexpectedly, the fire prevention consciousness of this aunt is really too bad, thimble should use scissors to cut, absolutely can’t use lighter.When there’s a fire, you can cover it with a quilt, but use a wet one.Watch “We go forward”, really can learn a lot of knowledge, do not someday will help us a lot.Write last: original content, plagiarism will be prosecuted.Welcome to like, comment, follow and forward, also welcome everyone to discuss!