Spend 48.2 billion yuan!Ping An of China was approved to participate in the restructuring investment of Founder Group

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Ping an of China to participate in the restructuring of founder Group finally landed.On January 31, 2022, Ping An Insurance of China announced that its subsidiary Ping An Life Insurance received the “Reply on China Ping An Life Insurance Co., LTD. ‘s Equity investment in New Founder Group” issued by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission.That means the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission has agreed to allow Ping An Life to invest in The new Founder Group.Ping An China said that the next step, will strictly implement the approval requirements, and actively promote the “restructuring investment Agreement” and restructuring plan with all parties, orderly promote the delivery of assets, business development, asset disposal and other matters.Insiders believe that from the perspective of the asset package of the new Founder Group, which includes medical care, finance (Founder Securities, Founder Life Insurance of Peking University), information technology and other core sectors, ping An of China may be in line with its current construction of “big financial assets” and “big medical and health” ecosystem.Last year, China’s Ping An Life Insurance said it planned to take a 51.1 per cent to 70 per cent stake in New Founder Group for rmb37.05bn to Rmb50.75bn consideration.Ping An Life Insurance plans to acquire 66.51% of The equity of New Founder Group at a cost of RMB 48.2 billion, according to the investment agreement for restructuring and the creditors’ choice of repayment plan, according to a statement released by Ping An Today.Previously, with the strong support of all parties, the “1+4” restructuring of Founder Group has been carried out smoothly and has entered the substantive operation stage.Xie Yonglin, general Manager and co-CEO of Ping An Group of China, revealed the reasons for the huge investment in the restructuring of Founder Group, mainly based on the following two reasons:First, Ping An Group is rooted in the Greater Bay Area, and Founder Information Industry also has the industrial cluster foundation in the Greater Bay Area. In addition, Peking University’s scientific research capacity and achievements in this industry will accelerate the greater Bay Area to establish international and controllable core competitiveness in the field of information industry through the integration of industry, university and research.As an enterprise in the Greater Bay Area, Ping An Group is duty-bound in this regard, which is also the embodiment of financial support entity.Second, Founder Group has abundant medical resources and Peking University Health Science Center has strong research strength. It has a strong synergistic effect with Ping An Group’s main insurance business and future Group’s great medical and health strategy, and can provide customers with financial services with temperature and scenes.Business daily you pick to wait for you
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