Teacher Jia Yueting may not return to China next week, but Faraday Future FF91 will definitely appear next week

2022-06-24 0 By

Recently, FaradayFuture (FF) website announced that the production version of FF91 will be officially released on February 23 at 4pm local time (PST).Since its debut at CES in 2017, there has been a lot of news about its production cessation and release, among which 2021 is highly expected to be officially released, but it is still a year to skip tickets.But this time, it should be for real, you suffocating for the dream of friends hold your breath, FF91 is coming!FF91: Looks really advanced and in order to look at this car as product-oriented as possible, please ignore the presupposition that Jia and Faraday did not bring.To be fair, the DESIGN of FF91 is excellent, and its shape is obviously not very similar to existing cars or SUVs or even station wagons, which also matches the concept of “new species” in Jia’s mouth.The large through-through headlights do have a futuristic feel, but the logo does always conjure up images of Nio.The streamlined body is very rounded, and perhaps to reduce wind resistance to the extreme, FF91 does not even use hidden door handles, directly used induction doors.Practical or not, the B-square has won.The through-through taillight echoes with the headlamp, and the advanced feeling is full. However, the overall shape is hard not to remind people of a high-harmony HiPhiX with NIO’s logo.While its exact size is unknown, it is clear from past debris that the vehicle will be highly intelligent and will feature 11 different displays, including a 17-inch screen for the front passenger and a 27-inch screen for the rear seat.According to the official announcement, the FF91’s latest version will feature separate rear seats that can be completely recline, an exaggerated space, an oversized panoramic sunroof, NASA-inspired zero-gravity seats and a relaxing “spa mode” that offer some of the best comfort in the automotive industry.Of course, as a top-of-the-line product everywhere, the FF91 will be equipped with a drive motor of up to 1,050 HP, peak torque of over 1,800 N · m, zero hundred acceleration in 2.39 seconds, and equipped with a battery pack capacity of 130kWh and NEDC range of over 700 km.The 130-degree battery for 700km range isn’t much of a stretch, though, until Wednesday.As early as last July, FF91 production version opened reservations, pre-sale price of more than $200,000, a deposit of $50,000.However, FF claimed that FF91 had received 14,000 orders. In fact, only 300 of the 14,000 orders for FF91 have been paid. The order fraud rate is over 97%.If there were, it would be a relief by now.As a domestic price is expected to exceed 2 million yuan of pure electric vehicle, can be said to be involved in the pure electric vehicle no man’s land, at best, “there is no rival at the same level”.But such a high price, there is no doubt that a strong brand and product power and other factors to support, and at present, the FF91 clearly lacks these support.Mercedes Benz has a strong “support” in this respect. The price of the new flagship pure electric car EQS has been directly obtained nearly 1.5 million yuan, which is commendable for its courage.But compared with the EQS ‘old-fashioned design, which seems to have changed the driving mode of the Mercedes S-Class to electric, it is not revolutionary.Instead, He thinks the bold FF91 is more appealing, at least because it gives us a glimpse of a whole new species, just as Tesla was unloved and untouchable back then.Opinion of One Lap: Regardless of Teacher Jia’s personal situation, Faraday Future FF91 should be really landed, and its revolutionary innovation is also worthy of affirmation.At the very least, Faraday Future is listed in the United States, which can be regarded as a mudslide in NASDAQ. Even if it is cut, it is still cut American leek. We just need to wait and see what happens with an open and inclusive mind.As for teacher Jia next week whether to return home, it is estimated to see FF91 next week after the debut is a red or nothing.