What did Dong Cunrui shout before he died?Zhi Shunyi, a comrade, recalls the moment of life and death 50 years later

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The war period was a very chaotic period. Our people were involved in the cruel war. In order to defend our country and have a stable life, countless young people bid farewell to their parents and wives and children in their hometown and went to the front to fight for peace.During the war countless soldiers sacrificed their precious lives, they can complete the mission resolutely give up their lives, some soldiers choose to die together with the enemy, is very tragic.During the War of Resistance against Japan, the Japanese army stepped into the land of our country. They wantonly killed the people of our country and frantically grabbed the property of our people. People were very miserable in this period.When the country is in danger, the Communist Party and the Kuomintang, which have always been with each other, joined hands together to fight against Japan. The soldiers of the two parties abandoned their past grudges and joined hands to deal with the enemy. Some soldiers stood deep friendship.Under the efforts of the people of the whole country, Our country achieved the final victory. This period does not mean that our country has entered the peaceful life. There is a fierce war between the Communist Party and the Kuomintang, which also makes Chinese people feel very sad and helpless.Because civil war means that the people who fought together will fight against each other, and it’s either you or me.The war casualties are also tragic, dong Cunrui was only nineteen years old, he is the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army soldiers, we all know his glorious deeds, Dong Cunrui in the end before the sacrifice of what to shout?This is something that many people like to know. Fifty years later, zhi Shunyi, his comrade in arms, recalled the eight seconds of life and death at that time.In the battle of Liaoshen in 1948, the Northeast People’s Liberation Army received the order to attack Longhua, which was a very important route directly to northeast China and played a very important strategic role. Therefore, at that time, the two parties launched the first decisive battle. The success or failure of this battle was related to the importance of the decisive battle.It can be said that Longhua does not break the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army will not be able to advance, in order to break the eleventh column longhua more than 20,000 soldiers rushed to, Dong Cunrui is one of the small soldiers.Dong Cunrui, a native of Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, was born in a poor peasant family. During the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, he served as a children’s colonel and shielded the secretary of the district Party Committee from the Arrest of the Japanese army. He was known as the little hero of resistance against Japanese aggression.Dong Cunrui grew up to join the team of the eighth Route Army, because smart as monitor, also joined the Communist Party, once in a battle when a person captured prisoners of war more than a dozen people, has made three times, four times small, is a great teenager.At that time, the military stationed in longhua an easy to defend and difficult to attack the fortress, they believe that they can stop the people’s Liberation Army attack, when the day before against Longhua superior held a strategic meeting, selected four groups, respectively for the bomb group, ammunition support group, fire support group and blasting group.Dong Cunrui is very good at blasting, has also won the title of blasting model, so he successfully served as the leader of the blasting group.Dong Cunrui know their responsibility is very important, is also difficult, he led his comrades to clear the obstacles, when the war launched, the military in the bridge to do a bunker, guns and bullets are very intensive, so that the People’s Liberation Army into trouble.In an emergency, Dong Cunrui led his comrades, Zhi Shunyi request to fight, Dong Cunrui took the charge of the charge into the direction of the bunker, Zhi Shunyi is responsible for throwing a bomb to cover Dong Cunrui.Dong Cunrui risked his life when he dived under the bridge, there was no support for explosives, he came up with a lot of ways to place explosives, but it is not good.At this time has entered the time of the general attack, the soldiers fell in the muzzle of the bunker, in the face of such sacrifice Dong Cunrui is very anxious, and finally he chose his own support, and raised the charge.In such an urgent situation, Zhi Shunyi clearly see Dong Cunrui to sacrifice, he did not hesitate to stand up to Run to Dong Cunrui, in the life and death of eight seconds when Dong Cunrui is still Shouting: “Down, down!”Then fifteen kilograms of explosives explosion, the bridge fort was also blown up, Zhi Shunyi witnessed Dong Cunrui was crushed, Dong Cunrui died before considering the safety of his comrades.Lose the fort can not continue to garrison, finally the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army won the victory, and Dong Cunrui is always asleep here, at this time he is only nineteen years old.If he had not sacrificed, he would have done well with his ability.Zhi Shunyi, his comrade, always cried at the memory. He never forgot the painful moment in his heart.Later, dong Cunrui was recognized as a national war hero on the national Hero recognition conference. Chairman MAO invited his father to tian ‘anmen Square to attend the National Day celebration.Dong Cunrui’s sacrifice is heavy, but also great, they would rather sacrifice their own lives than comrades continue to sacrifice.There were many soldiers like Dong Cunrui during the war, and it was because of their sacrifice that a peaceful society emerged.The war between the Kuomintang and the Communist party was sad and painful, but it had to be settled by force.