Bazooka had to be used sparingly, the big piece from Watergate Bridge, which opened up in ’51

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The movie Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake is hitting theaters.In the movie, we blow up the Watergate Bridge three times, but we only have a few bazookas, and we have to use them sparingly.In the movie, bazooka’s rockets are so powerful that they can even blow through the enemy’s water pump house.Many fans feel that if our army had been equipped with more Bazooka during the Battle at watergate Bridge, it would not have been so difficult.Bazooka is indeed a good thing, and this special anti-tank weapon, in 1951 among the Chinese volunteers, there are no longer only a few, not use, on the contrary, our army began to equip a large area.There may be some things that young moviegoers don’t know.After the release of watergate Bridge, I saw an article written on a platform by a fan who questioned why the soldiers in the movie knew Bazooka.Such doubts should be caused by the author’s lack of historical and military knowledge.Bazooka is indeed the equipment of the US army, and it is not surprising that it was used in our army during the period of resistance to the US and aid to Korea.Let me tell you a little bit about the history of Bazooka and how it came to be equipped for our army.In short, by the end of World War I, there were prototypes of bazooka, lightweight rocket launchers for tanks that two men could operate together.But the first World War ended shortly after bazooka was born.The countries involved in World War I didn’t have the money to continue to work on this.Bazooka really came into being during World War II, when German tanks were raging in Europe and North Africa.The United States resumed production at Bazooka and quickly equipped allied fighters in North Africa.Bazooka has achieved relatively good results in anti-tank operations.Bazooka rockets can penetrate 130mm steel plates, and German tanks can basically destroy them.Later, bazooka was mass-produced in the United States and equipped with world War II armies.It is mainly the national army in southwest China. In our familiar “My Commander my regiment”, When Tengchong and other places fought, Bazuka had been equipped to the national army team.At that time, many of these troops were college students, and their combat skills were very high, which Bazooka could easily use.During the War of Liberation, Bazooka, in the hands of kuomintang reactionaries, also played a role in some battles.However, as “Armageddon” and “Xiangshan Ye Zhenghong” in the play, lost the hearts of the people, and then strong American equipment, can only be disarmed.Among the national army, there are many soldiers are organized to join the ranks of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, and become an important fighting force of our army.It was at this time that the Bazooka in the hands of kuomintang reactionaries also became a weapon of our army.The Battle of Jangjin-ho, the triple bombing of the Watergate Bridge, took place in the early days of the Korean War, and finally drove the American army out to sea on Christmas Eve.During this period, the Basuka in our army’s hands were basically captured from kuomintang reactionaries and the US army.And it’s no surprise that our military combatants know bazooka and have affectionately called this weapon bazooka.For several years, combatants of the Chinese people’s army have used bazooka to attack the enemy, from the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression to the war of resistance to the United States and aid to Korea.However, this weapon, at the time of the Chosin Lake battle, we did not have mass production.As in Watergate Bridge, bazooka is too good, but too few, to be left open.This weapon, it’s mostly for Tucker.In “Watergate Bridge,” our soldiers blow up an enemy tucker and cost a lot of lives.If you have a lot of bazookas, you don’t have to be afraid to face enemy tanks.In “Watergate Bridge”, after the second blow up of the Watergate Bridge, the enemy troops arrived with endless tanks.At the time, we were short of Bazookas, and if they were available, we wouldn’t be afraid of this tank group.By 1951, the problem of too few Bazookas was solved.In order to support the Korean war, our army rear Arsenal began to generic bazookas, creating our own type rocket: 51 series of anti-tank weapons is given priority to with 51 type rocket into the front after the battle, volunteers began to build a complete system of anti-tank, starting from the anti-tank cavalry divisions, anti-tank brigade began to appear at all levels, and come into battle.With the help of our own Type 51 rocket launcher, it will be easier to fight against American tanks.As the drama across the Yalu River shows, in the middle and late period of the war against the United States and aid Korea, after the level of combat equipment of our army is up, we can launch a 7-day offensive, and directly beat the American troops southward from the 38th line back far.At that time, the main reason why our army could not carry out an offensive longer than seven days was that it was too far away from the national border and could not keep up with daily supplies.At a later stage, when the 38th parallel was deadlocked, the Americans could not move any further north.Since the level of our military’s combat equipment has been upgraded, its combat effectiveness has also been significantly improved.The Bazooka, later known as the Type 51 rocket launcher, also played its part.(By Ma Qingyun)