Keiko SSICA comeback both “king”, explain the reason for the suspension of half a year, mentality and physical poor

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Internet celebrity anchor Keiko SSica and Na Mei a “battle of god”, the two sides in the PK broke records, Keiko SSica in god hao “grandpa” was pushed to the center of the storm.Due to a variety of reasons, Keiko SSica was “named” sensation live circle and network, then she hastily suspended the network.As a result, it resumed broadcasting after a short rest for about a month, and has been off the network for unknown reasons.On the New Year’s Eve of the Year of the Tiger, Keiko SSica, who has not been heard from for a long time, suddenly released a replay video, revealing that she will broadcast a New Year greeting to her fans on the first night of the New Year.Keiko’s return to the live stream on New Year’s Day could be the best New Year’s gift for her fans.Many fans sigh, finally look forward to the boss hui back, after all, she “disappeared” too long.After a lapse of more than half a year to return to the broadcast, broadcast room all the data have reached the first platform of the broadcast period.Among them, the popularity of the live broadcast room has been maintained at “100,000 +”, in addition to the fans, many online celebrities also call Keiko “long time no see”.Of course, to Keiko SSICA gift fans have been constantly, many netizens sigh keiko left so long there are so many fans waiting, this is the real “sister” should have some strength.Keiko SSica is indeed the female anchor in the popularity of the king, in her studio many fans in the crazy brush screen “queen”, no wonder many netizens evaluate her “return both king”.Why the sudden return, Keiko tells the reason.She revealed that she has been flooded with encouraging messages from her fans in the comments section and private messages, which are “very powerful” for her.Without the encouragement of her fans, she might have held off returning to the show for fear of being unpopular.During this period, she also revealed that some people used her previous live broadcast “recording screen” to open a live broadcast, instantly became tens of thousands of people.Keiko explained the reason for his shutdown, the mentality of the body is not good, she said the shutdown is not really in a good state of mind, the thought of resting a few days to come back, the rest is off for half a year.Keiko got up to show off her figure after fans teased her for gaining weight during her hide-off.And then on the other hand, she doesn’t feel well either, and she’s taking medication.As for the live broadcast, because there are so many emotions involved in it, she will not give up and will not give up.And this time back, she will also work hard towards the fans’ imagination and do a good job as a popular anchor.However, Keiko ssica said that the return may not be broadcast every day, will only broadcast when free.At present, the head anchor has been relatively “lack”, Keiko this return to the first show if it can be stable, in fact, for other anchors is also a good thing.Because the circle of anchors is active again, the topic between fans will naturally increase a lot.For more exciting content, follow us at Fan-Bang Entertainment