Qingdao Shenghan Chromatography: Based on “Good Shandong”, strive to be the “world’s first”

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Wang Yi, news reporter of Dazhong Website · Poster, Wang Yunxiao, Qingdao reported that “Shandong launched the regional public brand of ‘Good Product Shandong’, which is a very real good thing for our enterprises. In the future, our products and sample books will be printed with the logo of ‘Good Product Shandong’ in a prominent position.Qingdao Shenghan Chromatography Technology Co., LTD. Chairman Zhu Xinyong told reporters.Sinochem, which specialises in producing ion chromatographs, was included in the first batch of “good Products in Shandong” announced in March.Learned, ion chromatography is mainly used for the analysis of environmental samples, including surface water, drinking water, rain water, sewage and industrial wastewater, acid deposition and atmospheric particulates such as anion and cation in the samples, about the microelectronics industry analysis of trace impurity in water and reagent, also in food, health, petrochemical industry, water and geology, and other fields have a wide range of applications.As a 100% domestic shenghan chromatography, it has been just 20 years since its establishment, and these 20 years are also the epitome of a generation of national enterprises to break through core technology “neck” history.Qingdao Shenghan Chromatography Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, faced with the situation is that the domestic ion chromatograph can achieve domestic, but the core technology and all the parts are from abroad.”We set a goal to make an ion chromatograph with independent intellectual property rights,” Zhu recalled.The domestic ion chromatograph in the 1980s, when the rate of localization is very low, the picture of this one in the assembly, even without the supporting shell processing technology, is the use of a microwave shell, complete the assembly of all parts.It is reported that shenghan chromatography started in 2002, just like other start-up technology enterprises, a large amount of capital invested in research and development in the past few years, in the cycle of waiting for market returns, relying on a belief to achieve “localization”, all the way down.”In 2008, wenchuan earthquake occurred, and the disaster area was in urgent need of water quality monitoring instruments. Foreign brands occupying a large share of the domestic market were unwilling to provide products and services to the dangerous disaster area. At this time, Shenghan showed its responsibility as a national enterprise and provided ion chromatographic equipment to the disaster area.Zhu Xinyong told reporters.Subsequently, in 2009, Shenghan chromatography to achieve profitability;In 2010, Shenhan exported its products to Angola and began to enter the international market.In 2013, The ion chromatograph of Shenghan was rated as Qingdao “specialized and special new” product;In 2019, shenghan chromatography was awarded the national Manufacturing Single champion cultivation enterprise, and entered the “fast track” of development.”In August 2020, we realized the localization of all hardware, and on April 2, 2021, our independently developed application software Shinelab was officially launched to serve users with our products. So far, Shenhan has realized 100% localization and import substitution of all industrial chains.”In operation is the ion chromatograph, which is a 100% domestic import replacement product achieved by Shenghan chromatography.According to reports, with the needs of economic and social development, shenghan production of ion chromatographs users have been from environmental protection, disease control, tap water and other traditional fields, expanded to food, agriculture, customs, medicine and other broader fields.The data security achieved by the “localization” of all of Sinohan chromatography also enables sinohan’s products to serve nuclear power, military industry, aerospace and other important fields.Zhu Xinyong said, from the establishment of Shenghan chromatography, for 20 years only do ion chromatograph this category of products, now not only can produce their own machine, many key components are also supplied to domestic counterparts.According to introducing, in the domestic market, ShengHan chromatography has market share of the first for many years, but the future ShengHan will also power the global market, according to business planning, through the development of “difference”, 2026 ShengHan chromatographic products to the international share reached 50%, and foreign similar brand “encounter” directly, be a “world first”.”‘ Good Product Shandong ‘has also developed a plan between 2025 and 2030, the content is very consistent with the law of our country’s manufacturing industry upgrading,’ good product Shandong ‘brand upgrading route with our shenghan chromatography development planning can be described as’ coincidence’.Zhu Xinyong said, “In the future, Shenghan will continue to focus on its main business, practice internal skills, strengthen innovation, make this product a global leader with the direction of” specialization and innovation “, and make the brand of ‘Good Shandong’ brighter with the high quality development of the enterprise.”