A company in Shuyang was allowed to deduct part of the ecological damage compensation from the alternative restoration project

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Suqian net news “pollution to the environment, we bear the corresponding consequences is inevitable, but if the full payment of compensation, we will not be able to promote the restoration of the transformation, the company is likely to be shut down, eventually collapsed.”Not long ago, the principal of a new material company in Shuyang County voluntarily signed an agreement on compensation for ecological environmental damage after learning that part of the compensation for ecological environmental damage could be deducted by implementing alternative ecological restoration projects, and took the initiative to assume social responsibilities.In June last year, the new materials company was found to have tampered with the parameters of its automatic exhaust gas monitoring equipment analyzer, industrial computer and data mining instrument. The analyzer system logs showed that oxygen content and sulfur dioxide calibration curves had been modified multiple times.”When we discovered the problem, we immediately followed up to fix it.”According to a person in charge of the Shuyang Ecological and Environmental Bureau, the compensation mechanism for ecological and environmental damage has been fully implemented, with smooth ways, technical standards, effective repair and equivalent compensation. The Shuyang Ecological and Environmental Bureau commissioned a third-party testing agency to conduct sampling and testing on the exhaust gas outlet of the new material company twice.According to the monitoring results, suqian ecological environment bureau guidance ShuYang ecological environment bureau in conjunction with the company to entrust the third party technology assessment unit, control recommended method to calculate the amount of pollution damage to the environment and the ecological environment damage appraisal foundation technology guide evaluation method of standards and specifications, such as virtual management cost method is adopted to measure and the comprehensive assessment of ecological environmental damages,So that the more difficult to determine the loss of atmospheric environmental damage becomes reasonable.Calculate out this new material company needs to compensate more than 5.8 million yuan, the amount is larger.The company will be overwhelmed if full compensation is paid.To this end, the ecological environment department joint procuratorial, public security and other legal compensation for the company’s ecological environment for consultation.As a result of the consultation, the company is willing to pay 2.92 million yuan of ecological restoration costs to the state Treasury by stages, and offset part of the compensation funds with photovoltaic power generation, waste heat power generation and standard lifting renovation projects. The implementation funds of these three alternative restoration projects are not less than 2.910272 million yuan, so as to achieve win-win ecological benefits, economic benefits and social benefits.The ecological damage compensation, to this new material company left a profound lesson.”We have taken the pain in mind and are speeding up three alternative restoration projects to achieve cleaner production and greener development while changing our thoughts and concepts and promoting transformational development.”The person in charge of the new material company said that the company implemented the upgrade project, the company’s original implementation of the industry exhaust emission standards to implement ultra-low emission standards, source treatment to reduce pollution emissions.Pollution prevention and control is a wide-ranging and large-scale systematic project, which requires rules and regulations and concerted efforts.Suqian is through the practice of such cases, speed up the establishment conforms to the statutory requirements, local actual, convenient for operation, good management of a set of operation mechanism, strengthen the ecological environment damage environmental legal liability, forming environment of valuable, harm the social consciousness of responsibility, reduce environmental damage occurs, realize “should compensate all compensate”, improve environmental quality.(Zhu Han)