Jiangxi Dongxiang: Key enterprises sprint for the first quarter without stopping production “good start”

2022-06-26 0 By

During the Spring Festival, key enterprises in Dongxiang District of Fuzhou city, Jiangxi Province have started the “production mode”, racing against time to catch up on production and orders, and sprint for a “good start” in the first quarter, showing a good momentum of production and sales.At Jiangxi Yongguan Technology Co., LTD., the production workshop is bustling with activity.Automated production lines are running at full capacity. Workers are busy sorting, cutting, packing and delivering goods. A batch of orders of cloth base and paper tape from Europe and America are being produced.The relevant person in charge of the enterprise introduced that in 2021, the company’s foreign trade exports amounted to 288 million US dollars, and its products were sold to the United States, Japan, Europe and many other countries and regions.Entering 2022, the supply of products is in short supply, and orders have been lined up until the end of May.In the production workshop of Hengan (Jiangxi) Household Products Co., LTD., more than 200 workers are working nervously at their respective posts.The company’s production manager introduced that the current sales season, in order to meet market demand, the company has made early work arrangements during the Spring Festival, encourage employees to work normally, equipment does not stop.Hengji Group Metal Co., Ltd. has received 500 tons of copper rod, copper wire production orders.The enterprise will not stop work during the Spring Festival, not production, overtime, full throttle production, to meet the market demand.Sufficient orders, prosperous production and sales.At present, the area on the plan of enterprises have rushed to catch the time to make orders, Yanglexing biological technology, Tai De wisdom, Changyu hard new materials, Asuo light alloy, echo east Asia pharmaceutical and a large number of backbone enterprises are ready to start.At the same time, zhongji Hengguang, Ronghua artificial intelligence and other theme industrial parks are also stepping up construction.The scenes of busy production and fast construction convey the responsibility of enterprises, which strongly promote the high-quality leapfrog development of Dongxiang industrial economy.(Rao Fangqi)