“New Year walk grassroots” Yuxian, Shanxi grassroots “forge ahead” : health department is not afraid of hardships

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“Aunt, grandpa’s body recovery how?””Do you feel short of breath and chest tightness today?””You must pay attention to prevent a cold, must not smoke secretly…”When I first met Wu Yaoguang, he was busy learning about the patient’s condition and physical changes from the patient’s family members.The 2022 Spring Festival is coming, and although many people are preparing for it, Wu is still fulfilling his duties and sticking to his job as usual.Wu Yaoguang is yuxian Hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine in two department director, deputy director of physicians, mainly responsible for the treatment of respiratory and digestive diseases, from medical schools since graduation, engaged in grassroots doctors work for more than ten years.Recently, because of the outstanding performance in the work, was evaluated yangquan city “outstanding talent award”.”Recently, I have been busy with research on allergic rhinitis and emphysema, hoping to achieve better treatment results through certain technological improvements. This recognition may come from this.But what I want to do now is to do well on both projects.For Wu yaoguang, the choice of this career, the choice of dedication, dedication does not ask for return.On grass-roots work, he said it is the important duty of grass-roots doctors to make timely and accurate diagnosis and receive treatment as soon as possible for patients.As more patients are at the grassroots level, the grassroots need more competent and responsible doctors. Only when the level of treatment and service capacity of grassroots doctors are improved, can they better serve the health of the people.When it comes to service for the people, he regrets, Yu County hospital of traditional Chinese medicine from the past 6 acres, 7, 100 – bed development to the present, ward covers an area of 60 mu, 12 units, 245 beds, to say the earth-shaking changes have taken place in the environment and equipment, medical technology service level increased significantly, the satisfaction of the masses and happiness would increase with several bracket.”We will develop hospitals with the advantages of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine and maintain the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine in the process of development.”He never forget Yu County TCM hospital old dean said this sentence, has been, wisdom and talent, with youth and lifeblood obscurity to practice the life-saving mission, constantly temper of his own political character, modest action in deducing the healer kung touching story, showing a new era of medical workers bear as.(Reporter Zhang Fusuo, Liu Shuaiwen, Jing Hao) Source: Yellow River News Network