The examination!Interest rates on first-home mortgages in Nanjing, already as low as 5.6 per cent, have room to fall

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New plate ready to be listed, the second-hand housing look covetously want to revive brilliant, Nanjing property market into a new round of battlefield, also sent a gift package to buyers: mortgage interest rates are continuing to decline!The latest bottom: Nanjing first set of mortgage interest rates in 5.8% or so, the lowest has fallen to 5.6%, the second suite lowest 5.9%.According to a number of banks, the current bank quota is sufficient. Compared with the second half of last year, the lending speed is faster. Some banks can make payments in 2-3 weeks at the earliest.For the continuous decline of mortgage interest rates, the intermediaries and real estate consultants in the circle of friends are full of confidence, and even a new plate of real estate consultants also revealed: “The recent policy direction is better, mortgage interest rates may be expected to return to the state of the year before last.”1 take a look at nanjing part of the bank’s latest mortgage interest rate: statistical time: 2022.2.15 and in January in the latter half of the comparison, less than a month’s time, the mortgage interest rate of the major banks in Nanjing have a small decline.The interest rate of the first home mortgage has generally dropped below the “6”, with postal Savings Bank, Bank of Jiangsu and Minsheng Bank all at 5.7%, and Guangdong Development Bank down to 5.6%.In addition, the loan manager of Guangdong Development Bank said: “In fact, since January, the loan has been loose, although the short-term mortgage interest rate decline is not obvious, but the overall trend is mainly down, and the current amount is sufficient, compared with two or three months ago, the lending speed is obviously accelerated.”Statistical time: 2022.1.20 In this survey, it is also found that postal Savings Bank and Agricultural Bank of China are cautious about the consultation of the second home business. The individual loan manager of Agricultural Bank of China directly said that “Jiangning District does not do the second home business at present”, while the individual loan manager of Postal Savings Bank said: “The policy is not clear, it is difficult to say to the outside.All the questions about the second house, the customer needs to go to the bank to consult.”Therefore, the recent purchase of second house buyers, need to pay attention to the cooperative bank to buy the house, whether the loan suspension or special requirements.If the change of more than 20 days is not obvious enough, then we pull back to last November, at that time, nanjing mainstream banks mortgage interest rate and lending cycle, are “steadily rising” trend, to today’s point of view, the change is more obvious: ①, mortgage interest rate from “steadily rising” to “continuous decline”.In last November, the interest rate of the first house was generally 6.25%, and the highest was 6.45%, while that of the second house was 6.55%. The overall trend was mainly up.In the past three months, postal savings, Jiangsu Bank, etc., have dropped to 5.7%, with a trend of continuous decline.(2) The overall speed of lending is accelerated.In the second half of last year, the banks’ lending cycle generally started in three months, and many second-hand houses directly stopped lending.At present, in addition to the Agricultural Bank of Jiangning branch clear second house loan suspension, other banks have said that the amount is sufficient, the lending cycle is greatly shortened, individual banks even have 1-2 weeks of record.2 So compared with before, the current mortgage interest rate, can the buyer save how much money?Take pure commercial loan and equivalent principal and interest loan for 30 years with a quota of 2 million yuan as an example: In November 2021, the interest rate is 6.25%, the total interest is 2.433 million yuan, and the average monthly repayment is 12,314 yuan;In February 2022, the interest rate was 5.7%, the total interest was 2.18 million yuan, the average monthly repayment was 11,608 yuan, and the monthly repayment was 706 yuan less.The 706 yuan saved is the worker’s haidilao, milk tea and movie tickets. It is a small improvement in a family’s living standard. A few percent change is the real money saved for the buyer.Therefore, the continuous reduction of mortgage interest rates means that the cost of buying a house is reduced, which is a good thing for buyers, intermediaries and property consultants.Jiangning fork road an intermediary store staff disclosed: “in the Spring Festival before and after a month, the turnover of new houses, second-hand houses and take see almost no, but the amount of consultation is significantly more, previously seen twice second-hand house customers, recently also in consultation new houses.I am quite confident about the market situation in the next few months.”Jiangning a real estate consultant is said: “not only we have confidence, many customers also think nanjing mortgage interest rates may be expected to return to the state of the year before last, the Spring Festival after the real estate viewing customers increased significantly.”In the second half of last year, the overall property market in Nanjing was cold. The down payment of new houses was lowered, the sales promotion was discounted, and the price reduction of second-hand houses was ignored. As a result, the buyers stopped to wait and see, the intermediaries changed their businesses and the stores closed, and the market was shrouded by low pressure.As the saying goes, the New Year new atmosphere, since the New Year’s day, the policy of warm wind frequency blowing, bank loans loose, Nanjing property market also began to restore vitality, momentum is quite good.3 although the market has been blowing spring breeze, but at present, in addition to the new disk update dynamic, nanjing property market after the Spring Festival has not been new, the second-hand housing market compared with the year before little change, the lingering charm of winter still exists.From the point of view of house buyers, the market needs time buffer. Before the market is hot, the down payment of new houses will mostly remain the same as before, and there is still room for negotiation on the transaction price of second-hand houses. At this time, the decline of mortgage interest rates lowers the purchase cost, so buyers who have the demand for self-living can put the purchase plan on the agenda.In addition, from the housing supply point of view, the first quarter of nanjing property market or bet on “gold three”, from the end of February, there may be a new plate first, old plate plus push, plus the year before the opening did not sell out of inventory, the supply of new houses in the first quarter is still very adequate, housing options more, it is easier to buy the right good house.Of course, from the bottom of the mortgage interest rate situation, interest rates or there is room for decline, and it is not impossible to continue to decline. For the uncertain market at this time, for the sake of safety, some buyers may continue to wait and see.However, it is recommended to live in the demand of the main buyers, meet the right housing, or to move in time.Finally, under the policy of housing not speculation, the property market in Nanjing in 2022 will be “mainly stable”. As for the “Jin SAN Yin Si” with large supply, trading volume and strong purchasing power in previous years, it is very exciting to see whether it can continue to heat up the market and boost the morale of the property market in Nanjing this year.