The poorest account only 20 pieces, 3 months after the full receipt of her mother’s inheritance, Zheng Xinyi finally survived

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Everyone envies the second generation of stars, who can have the resources provided by their parents and have a smoother road of life than children from ordinary families.However, some stars are not so lucky, but may be more unsatisfactory, such as Zheng Xinyi.Father is red all one’s life big handsome boy Zheng Shaoqiu, mother ever was harbor circle the host that calls wind and rain, be born in such family, should be life winner from one birth, however to Zheng Xinyi character, she was born parents divorced.Shen Dianxia and Zheng Shaoqiu divorce, shocked the entertainment industry, at that time a lot of people are called Zheng Shaoqiu is heartbroken, accused him of shen Dianxia holding all the way, after becoming popular immediately turned against people.On the contrary, optimistic Shen Dianxia looked at this more, has been speaking for her ex-husband, but also in the program to support each other, let Zheng Shaoqiu quite feeling.The most unfortunate thing about her parents’ divorce is her children. Zheng Xinyi had to grow up independently in a foreign country since she was young. The lack of family made her very unconfident compared to her classmates, especially her fat figure, which made her the butt of jokes.Fortunately, she has a good mother, this all the way for the growth of her daughter, Shen Dianxia can be said to hold broken heart, can be said to use up all resources, to help her to stand firm in the entertainment circle.But when Shen Dianxia died of liver cancer in 2008 at the age of 62, Zheng xinyi was left motherless, and you can imagine how helpless she felt.In a flash of time, Shen Dianxia has passed away for 14 years, and February 19 is the day of her death, for which her daughter deliberately posted a long message on social media to remember her mother, not to give up feelings overflowing in words.She recalled her mother’s love and help for her all the way. She was very naughty when she was young, and her mother always severely punished her first, but soon she would not give up. She would quickly comfort her daughter and tell her where she was wrong.Although the outside is rumored all the time, Shen Dianxia left a huge sum of property for Zheng Xinyi, her life can have no worries completely.According to the report, Shen dianxia did leave her an inheritance of about 60 million yuan, but not all at once.Before dying shen Dianxia considered the daughter is still relatively small, afraid she could not dominate this wealth, and at that time Zheng Xinyi has reached the age of 20, have certain survival ability, for this Shen Dianxia made a will, before this she can only get the cost of living of 20 thousand Hong Kong dollars every month, need to be 35 years old when just can inherit this money.Shen Dianxia may be said to be well-intentioned, on the one hand afraid daughter spend money in chaos, later life is not guaranteed, on the other hand also afraid of the outside world a few people with ulterior motives, for money and daughter together, afraid of her losses.After the death of her mother, Zheng Xinyi these years are not smooth, at ordinary times she is very lonely, always like to call friends, treat others is very generous, that 20 thousand dollars of living expenses where enough to spend.The media once broke the news, its poorest time, the account has only 20 pieces.But even so, she did not ask her father Zheng Shaoqiu for help, although the father-daughter relationship has been repaired now, Zheng Xinyi will often go to his father’s house as a guest, and his father’s other daughters also get along very well, but she always think about his father to prove that they can be independent, can support themselves.More and more mature, she began to work hard, now singing career has achieved good results, although in 3 months, she will be 35 years old, can withdraw the rest of the property, but at this time, for her, the money is not important, if she can choose, she would like her mother can come back.She, too, had been spoiled by her mother and had done some ridiculous things, but she had matured over time.Although she was obsessed with her figure and had lost weight, she was not happy at that time, but now, although she is still very fat, but very full.Also hope she can find his sweetheart as soon as possible, have a oneself small home, at that time most gratified is undoubtedly, the mother Shen Dianxia that is in another world.