Break the “ceiling” of elements for the development of “a piece of sky”

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Dong-a Ilbo reporter Zhao Feng and Chen Juhui said, If water is beautiful, fish will be fat. If soil is fertile, rice will be fragrant.Ensuring factors of production is the key to promoting high-quality economic and social development.In recent years, Shandong has strengthened the guarantee of factors of production, tapped potential and expanded space to the maximum, providing strong support for high-quality development.This year is a key year for the implementation of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, and also a decisive year for the “five-year breakthrough” in the transformation of old and new driving forces in our province. It is of great significance to do a good job in various work of economic and social development.Faced with the common problem of tightening factors of production, how can we do more to strengthen the guarantee of factors of production and ensure high-quality development?Shandong Province 2022 Work Mobilization Conference put forward the “strengthening factors guarantee innovation”, stressed the need to strengthen policy coordination, with new ideas and new measures, in market trading, differentiated allocation, endogenous tap potential, break the “ceiling” of factors, in return for development “a day”.It is the inherent requirement of building a unified, open and orderly competitive market system to make great efforts to perfect the market allocation of factors in market transactions.The independent and orderly flow of factors of production can effectively improve the efficiency of allocation, stimulate the creativity of the whole society and the vitality of the market, and promote reform in the quality, efficiency and driving force of economic development.At the beginning of 2021, Shandong province put forward 20 policies and measures from five aspects, focusing on the five elements of land, labor, capital, technology and data, to accelerate the construction of a more perfect market-oriented allocation system and mechanism of factors.Throughout the year, 1,076 cases of 31,000 mu land were successfully entered into the market, and 37 new listed companies were added.Reform is always in progress, never finished.Li Guangjie, director of the Institute of International Economics and Politics of Shandong Academy of Social Sciences, believes that compared with the requirements of building a high-standard market system and promoting high-quality development, there are still problems such as poor factor flow, low allocation efficiency and imperfect institutional system in various fields of shandong province to varying degrees.”Focusing on key fields and key links of market-oriented allocation of factors and issues strongly reflected by market subjects, Shandong should accelerate the construction of a unified and open factor market system, innovate the market-oriented allocation of factors, improve the market-oriented trading platform of factors, and improve the market-oriented operation and supervision mechanism of factors.”To break regional barriers and realize cross-regional flow of factor resources, the platform plays an obvious role.Han Junqing, director of Weifang Water resources Development Center, introduced that two water companies in Zhucheng successfully completed weifang’s first water rights transaction in China Water Rights Exchange last year after Weifang took the lead in the province to introduce management measures for water rights trading.”The successful demonstration of the first deal has clearly led the way.The center selected more than 100 enterprises as potential trading subjects according to the conditions, and actively connected to understand water demand. More than 30 transaction intentions have been reached, which is expected to break the water bottleneck of enterprises through market means.”Han Junqing said.In order to better promote the free flow and market-oriented allocation of various elements, Shandong province established Shandong Property Rights Trading Group last year, and jointly initiated the establishment of the Yellow River Basin factor market Alliance with factor trading institutions in The Provinces (regions) along the Yellow River, which ushered in a new era of cross-regional cooperation in our province’s factor trading market.At present, Shandong Property Rights Trading Group has covered 16 major factor sectors and 36 factor trading varieties, with a cumulative turnover exceeding 1 trillion yuan and raising 250 billion yuan for market players.”Market-based trading of emission rights, energy use rights, water rights, carbon emission rights and other factors of production will help conserve, protect and optimize the allocation of resources so that they can be put to good use.”Miao Wei, the party secretary and chairman of Shandong Property rights Trading Group, said that this year will further promote the construction of a unified trading platform in the province, lead and factor trading institutions along the Yellow Province (region) to carry out new factor trading, expand the scope of market-oriented allocation of factors.If the total amount of driving factors in differential allocation is certain, how to seek the optimal solution of allocation?We must make differentiated allocation of resources, better connect supply and demand, and promote targeted supply.”Improving the ‘factors follow projects’ mechanism will help further strengthen the link between supply and demand and promote targeted supply.”The relevant person in charge of the provincial Development and Reform Commission said that this year, our province will continue to strengthen the protection of elements from the land, energy consumption, capital and other aspects, to be included in the provincial “14th five-year plan” planning, national relevant ministries and commissions planning, provincial projects of major infrastructure projects, the implementation of planning land scale provincial full allocation.Under the background of tightening factors, the attraction of high quality factors to projects is being amplified.”To carry out the reform of ‘standard land’ in development zones at or above the provincial level, gather resources and ‘start work immediately after taking land’ will form a huge magnetic field effect and attract high quality projects to actively offer olive branch.”Provincial natural resources department natural resources owner’s rights and interests deputy director Ji Xuewen said.Starting from 2021, no less than 30% of the newly added industrial land in provincial economic and technological development zones (parks) and other key areas will be provided in accordance with the “standard land” system, which will be adjusted to fully implement the “standard land” transfer. The land area of “standard land” transfer in the province will increase from 44,000 mu in 2020 to 130,000 mu.In January, 10,900 mu was sold.Ji xuewen said that the “threshold” has been raised, and the number of projects has increased rather than decreased, proving that the reform is a win-win situation.In the future, we will continue to strengthen policy publicity and interpretation, guide local governments to strengthen factor agglomeration, and better achieve policy effects.Capital is the blood of an enterprise and an important factor of production and operation.Enterprise financing is difficult, channel is not smooth is an important reason, strengthen data empowerment is very key.By the end of 2021, the provincial comprehensive financial service platform will be put into operation, and it will also be built as a provincial local credit investigation platform.”Our province special form shandong province credit co., LTD., operating platform, give full play to the market mechanism under government supervision, through” company + professional commercial mechanism model, combine big data technology and credit professional ability, to the most needed information, the financial institutions to dig deeper into all kinds of data, to help financial institutions to see real enterprise,To encourage financial institutions to dare to put up capital, thereby increasing the availability of capital for businesses.”Provincial local financial supervision bureau deputy director Ge Zhiqiang said.At present, the platform has collected 29 types of data services from 10 departments, stationed in 26 financial institutions, and released 123 financial products.Ge Zhiqiang said that the platform construction is not accomplished overnight, but should be further solved by overcoming technology, data integration, especially concept, to really break through the blocking points, implement the requirements of digital Shandong and digital government construction, use data to boost the injection of capital factors and stimulate the vitality of market subjects.Since 2020, Jinan has continuously improved the cultivation mechanism of listed backup enterprises. In the past two years, 16 listed companies have been added.”We will seize the opportunity of comprehensively implementing the reform of stock issuance registration system in the capital market, and start the implementation of the ‘Lotus Peak Plan’ to cultivate a number of high-quality backup enterprises in stages, tiers and fields, and strive to add more than 10 listed and approved enterprises throughout the year.”Jinan local financial supervision Bureau party secretary, director Feng Yi said.At present, the mode of land use supported by incremental expansion is no longer sustainable, and the shortage of land factors coexists with idle resources. Therefore, the focus of ensuring land factors and expanding land use space must be shifted to promoting intensive economy and tapping the potential of existing land resources.Our province put forward that “clearing”, “invigorating” and “improving efficiency” should be carried out simultaneously, and endogenous potentiality should be exploited.”Clearing provides strong support for industrial restructuring and the construction of major projects.”The relevant person in charge of the provincial Development and Reform Commission said that the province unswervingly promotes the “three resolute”, focuses on 8 key industries, strictly abides by standards, and speeds up the elimination of inefficient and backward kinetic energy.In 2021, a total of 1.8 million tons of coking capacity will be reduced and 7.8 million tons of refinery capacity will be integrated and transferred.How can idle land come to life?Licha Town, Jiaozhou, accurately identifies, recycles and utilizes the “three steps” to attract secondary investment and industrial chain investment for the land that is included in the idle resource library to realize efficient utilization.In 2021, 861 mu of idle land and 120,000 square meters of idle workshop will be revitalized and 8 projects will be attracted.”Only by putting idle resources to good use can we expand space and add impetus to our economy.”Li Cha town Party secretary Shi Haitao said.By making good use of the stock and connecting supply and demand, Weihai has developed the “Intelligent Auxiliary Query Platform for Compliance of Project Land use in Weihai city” to accelerate the project landing.Rushan Offshore wind power equipment manufacturing industry project, through the platform inquiry in the early stage, guided to choose the layout planning of five areas.A person in charge of weihai Natural Resources and Planning Bureau said that this year, the trend of land shortage will not change greatly, we must increase the disposal of approved but unsupplied and idle land, better play the role of the platform, ensure the landing of the project.In the face of increasingly tight resource and environmental constraints, how to support sustainable and sound economic and social development with the minimum consumption of resource factors?In 2019, the province launched the evaluation reform of “yield efficiency per mu”, with pilot demonstration for one year and comprehensive implementation for two years. It has improved the evaluation index system, formulated and implemented differentiated policies and measures in terms of price and land use, and has achieved initial results.”The reform effectively guided enterprises to continuously improve the utilization efficiency of resource factors, which was recognized by grassroots and enterprises.”Wei Bin, director of the operation Monitoring and Coordination Bureau of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, said, deepen the evaluation reform of “yield efficiency per mu”, explore regional, industrial and special evaluation work, and strive for new breakthroughs in price, land use, credit and other differentiated policy development and application, to enhance the enthusiasm of enterprises and regional transformation and upgrading,We will accelerate the gathering of factors to high-yield regions, high-end industries and high-quality enterprises.(by Fu Yuting and Wang Jian) Source: Dazhong Daily