Eat dumplings on the fifth day of the lunar New Year, 4 kinds of “auspicious stuffing” to be on the table, meaning bonanza, good luck

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Dumplings are traditional food in China, many during the festival to eat dumplings, but different festival dumplings have different meaning and practice, for example, the new moon dumplings filling, means that a year can smoothly, the New Year’s eve 5, folk known as “break five”, the day must every household to eat dumplings, dumplings pay attention to eat meat, “break five” the choice of dumpling stuffing is very exquisite,It is best to use cabbage, leek stuffing, cabbage means wealth, leek means long wealth, the other two kinds of ingredients is also the first choice, it is lotus root (lucky repeatedly), onion (smart), in the “fifth festival” to eat dumplings, the four “auspicious stuffing” will be on the table, means that the bonanza, good luck.Let’s share the preparation method of filling four give you pork, cabbage, white turnip pork 500 g half a bottle of water, onion ginger, Chinese prickly ash right amount, onion oil, 3 teaspoons, extracting 3 teaspoons, some pepper, salt, sesame oil a little after hip between 1, choice of pork fat meat, fat ratio of 2:8 to 3:7, pork chop, cut fine as far as possible, so eat more delicate taste.2. Add the peppercorn water with the shallots and ginger and stir the meat in one direction.3. Add onion oil, raw extract, pepper, salt and sesame oil into the meat, then stir fully and marinate for 30 minutes.Select the leaves of the cabbage, chop the cabbage, add salt, let stand for 5 minutes, kill the water in the cabbage, and then squeeze the water.5, put the cabbage into the meat, and mix with the meat to adjust the filling.1. Wash the fresh shrimps, remove the shreds of shrimps, and peel the skin.2. Mince the pork, add the green onion, ginger and green pepper water, stir thoroughly to remove the fishy smell, and then add the raw extract, green onion oil, salt and sesame oil, stir thoroughly, and marinate for 30 minutes.3, leek clean, cut leaves of water, chopped leeks on the chopping board.4, put the leek and shrimp into the meat, mix well, and then serve with the fresh meat of the leek and shrimp filling.Minced beef 500g, 1 green onion, 2 pieces of ginger, 3 tablespoons of soy sauce, 3 tablespoons of green onion oil, a little sesame oil, a little pepper, 1 egg white 1. Wash the beef, remove the fascia, and cut it finely.2. Chop the spring Onions and cut the ginger into minced ginger.3, add the onion and ginger into the beef, add soy sauce, onion oil, sesame oil, pepper, egg white, fully stir, the meat is delicate, oily, and the filling is attuned.Pork and lotus root 500g stuffing pork, 300g lotus root, raw 2 TBSP, green onion and ginger pepper water to taste, a little pepper, a little sesame oil, salt to taste, green onion oil to taste 1. Wash the pork, wipe off the water on the surface, and cut it finely on a cutting board.2. Place the meat in a large bowl, add a small amount of spring onion and ginger pepper water several times, and stir until the meat is fine and thickened.3. Add raw tofu, pepper, salt, scallion oil and sesame oil into the meat stuffing, then stir thoroughly and marinate for 30 minutes.4. Wash and peel the lotus root. Cut it finely on a cutting board.5. Put the chopped lotus root into the meat filling and stir it thoroughly with chopsticks to blend the lotus root and the meat together. The filling of the lotus root is ready.1, the main role of green onion, ginger and green pepper water is to increase the fishy smell, and the meat can be filled with water, eat more delicate, the method is: the green onion section, ginger slices, green pepper into warm water, soak for about 30 minutes to remove the green onion, ginger and green pepper, only water.2, onion oil, dumpling stuffing smell very sweet, so you have to go, so we at the time of stuffing must add onion oil, green onion oil way is to put green onion, onion, ginger, cilantro, and carrot several ingredients together, with a small fire boil slowly, one can do more at ordinary times, not only do the stuffing dumpling, stir-fried vegetables and can also be mixed with.I am jasmine, New Year’s Eve to eat dumplings, dumplings stuffing is very particular about, please do not miss 4 kinds of “auspicious stuffing”, delicious things have a good meaning, this article is the original jasmine food, code word is not easy, bad media plagiarism, handling, hello, welcome to collect and forward!Thank you for your support.