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“In the past, job hunting was limited by the introduction of acquaintances, but now I come to the job fair myself. There are more jobs, more opportunities and choices.”On February 11, in renshou County urban area held the 2022 “Spring Breeze action” on-site recruitment fair, Zhujia town villager Liu Jianming told reporters, heard that the county will carry out recruitment activities, came to the scene early in the morning, hoping to find a suitable job nearby, get a stable income.With spring breeze, Lingzhou is full of vitality.In the morning, after the bright code temperature, personal information registration, in the main venue of the job fair, an endless stream of people came to find jobs between the booth, a detailed understanding of the enterprise, consulting recruitment conditions, salary and other information, for the New Year to find opportunities for new work.Employment is vital to people’s wellbeing. It is directly linked to economic development and households.At the beginning of the New Year, Renshou County actively carried out a series of activities called “Spring breeze sends warmth, Employment sends sincerity”, and intensified employment services for key groups, so as to promote employment and entrepreneurship of workers and the healthy development of enterprises.Sweet!”Our company’s working environment is good, the treatment is good, welcome to our enterprise test post……”At the job fair site, the reporter saw that well-known enterprises in the county, such as Xinli (Renshou) High-end Display Technology Co.,Ltd., Sichuan Canguang Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd., And Sichuan Kelun Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., came to set up recruitment sites to meet the demand for employment.Looking around, there are masses of job seekers in front of every job Posting.According to the letter li (Renshou) high-end display technology Co., Ltd. staff introduction: “the company provides a total of more than 2000 recruitment positions, positions involving general work, administration, management and other types of work, salary treatment in 4000 to 12000 yuan.””Now The development of Renshou is getting better and better. The enterprises in the industrial park are close to home, and the salary is also good.”At 10 o ‘clock in the morning, Mr. Liu, the applicant who just reached employment intention, said happily that he had been working in Guangdong before one or two years to go home, very inconvenient, now the nearest employment, can earn money and can take care of the family.Reporters learned that the same day, there are many candidates like Mr. Liu from outside the province to participate in the job fair.County people and Social security bureau staff introduction, in recent years, Renshou county in support of local enterprises to speed up the development at the same time, increase investment attraction, a large number of excellent enterprises settled in Renshou, attracted a large number of migrant workers return.It is reported that the “spring Breeze action” outdoor special job fair a total of 116 enterprises more than 12,000 posts available for the masses to choose, not only many posts, to meet the needs of different ages and cultural levels of job seekers, but also involved in a wide range of industries, great prospects for development.In addition to on-site recruitment in urban areas, Renshou county also set up on-site recruitment sessions in fujia Town, Wangyang Town, Wengong Town and other densely populated towns to meet the needs of more people looking for jobs nearby.In order to help the masses achieve employment at home, the county widely collect and understand the demand for employment of enterprises, at the same time, a comprehensive summary of the current job seekers information and employment willingness, accurate matching of both conditions and recommended employment, to ensure that in line with the conditions of employment, willing people can employment, there is demand for enterprises can hire.Warm heart!A full of sincerity delivery car “spring breeze” bring “timely rain”, post to the door.In order to let more rural people timely understand the information, after the Spring Festival, Renshou County continued to carry out house-to-house, point-to-point precise recruitment activities, so that willing workers to find employment at home, effectively solve the problem of “recruitment” and “difficult employment” of enterprises.On February 9 in the morning, renshou akira and town staff car, will have the employment of the will of the masses in the town to the letter, high-end display technology co., LTD. (the garden.empress) shimmering light electric co., LTD., sichuan and so on company visits, after the understanding to the salary, working environment, ms zhu soon fill out the information.”Since I came back to my hometown to look for a job, the town and village cadres have asked me many times about my employment intention, and then took me to the interview, I feel very warm.”Ms. Zhu said her hometown gives her a sense of passion and hope, and she is confident that she can make it better.It is understood that in order to promote employment accurately docking, Zhangjia town set up recruitment service leadership group and recruitment service special class, established the main leaders personally grasp, in charge of leadership specific grasp, branch secretary directly grasp the work pattern, to ensure that the work take the lead to grasp implementation, good grasp implementation, layer upon layer grasp implementation.At the same time, through the organization of visits, the issuance of recruitment leaflets, wechat group forwarding recruitment information and other forms of publicity of enterprise recruitment demand, to help enterprises recruitment and employment of workers to build a good platform, bridge.”We also provide employment guidance for returnees, fresh graduates and people with difficulties in finding jobs. We provide one-to-one services and arrange special buses to pick them up so that they can feel the warmth and security services.”Relevant person in charge of the town.Next, in terms of power employment, renshou also will continue to improve service efficiency, in accordance with the need of the employment demand and enterprise employee, continued to carry out the training work, organization designated training institutions will open to the training class, let workers near your home can learn housekeeping service, electrical maintenance, computer use, such as welding skills, to help cover the masses on JiuYe Road smoothly.At the same time, enterprises are encouraged to replace offline interviews with video interviews or wechat interviews, so that job seekers can easily find jobs online without leaving home.Reporter: Guo Qiao Pan Jianyong editor: Du Xin yan