Seven steps!

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New Year’s eve, Hebei Province Tangshan Fengnan district writers association issued a seven-step building notice, the application and make this article.Winter comes and spring comes.Fengshui treasure of the seven steps of the building and its surrounding business gradually thick, literary style day sheng.Seven steps, antique merchants gathered, scholars gathered.Write this article for record.Seven steps because there are steps in front of the seven steps and named, access to the surrounding, a hundred miles famous.There is another saying that the seven-step building is the result of Cao Zijian’s seven-step poem. There are many quick-thinking talents here and rich achievements, so people call it the seven-step building.Is the so-called mountain is not high, there is a fairy name;Water is not deep, there is dragon spirit.In the cultural and creative room of the seven-step building, “There are scholars talking and laughing, and no white ding traveling”.It can not only “adjust plain qin”, but also “read jin Jing”.Shop from the text, body writing;Have orchid pavilion of elegant, also can ascend to make fu.It is a new landmark in the field of folk culture and art in Tangshan and the promotion of cultural and creative products.Here, elegant room lanxiang, bookish thick;Sonorous words, carvings draw phoenix.Ascend seven steps floor, dun Zengwen heart sword bravery;With iron shoulders and morals, and fine hands, the articles have the beauty of jade craftsman and carver, the work of spirit and soul, and the elegance of pleasing to the eye.Many film and television scripts, novels, prose, poetry from this building.Poets and writers will be here.Between in the celebration of the day, literary friends, business friends gathered, guests and hosts to the east of the United States;Or the pen of Linchuan everbright, on ancient and modern Chinese and foreign;Or choose a favorite antique, express the ancient feelings;At that time, good friends like clouds, full of friends;At the meeting, he was ordered to write a poem, reproducing the glorious scene of “lvyan flapping ground, the house of roaring and howling food”, to appreciate the elegance of liang Yuan.Looking out of the window, you can see a glimpse of the top 100 in Hebei, which is as prosperous as the Shanghetu in Qingming Festival.The streets are lined with shops and vehicles;The crowds, the hustle and bustle.Over the canal, at night, neon blooms, flowing light overflow;The lights flickered and the scene was full of splendor.Arch Bridges soar, and the canal’s Chinatown sign is a rainbow, reflecting the water.During the day, yachts cross the bridge, plowing ripples through the calm water;Tourists are laughing and hawkers can be heard.In here, born bell sensitive show of the touched: Pan Jiang Land and sea, outstanding people;Steel are male dependable, handsome plucking star chi;Really appreciate to Fan Zhongyan’s feeling: “Dunsi floor also, there are relaxed and happy, spoil disgrace kai forget, wine linfeng, its jubilant.”Old Gentleman Fan Zhongyan’s famous saying: “Do not rejoice in things, do not grieve over yourself;Dwelling high in the temple is worried about its people;In the river’s lake far is worried about its king.Is into also worry, back also worry.But when?It must say, ‘Before the world worries and worries, after the world of joy and joy’, “the words are still in my ears.When the article is written, when the song is written.Literati, feeling the change of the country, standing the tide of The Times, hair the voice of The Times, send home the feelings of the country.Uphold the ancestors “for heaven and earth heart, life for the people;For the future, for the eternal peace “character and integrity.Is the so-called “cloth is autumn night dream sleep, at the moment.”The scholar’s poetic heart accommodates the world, the scholar sees the pen end.It is the realm of literati.More than interested in writing a poem: Qingping Lefeng South seven steps building friends in the thousands of miles, fu Hornbeam.To fu friends meet bosom friends, liquor just interest meaning.Elegant hong Bo love, with friends laugh.Poetic garden cherish each other, pen splashing ink listen to Zen.(Li Baichao)