Something for nothing?Xiong Lei basked in foreign play old photos by ridicule, Xu Min couple encounter provoking sympathy

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Xiong Lei, if it is said that there are three views of the right family education, it would not appear in the death of Yao Ce, but also with other people’s biological parents fighting for the property in Jiujiang behavior.Parents are the first teachers of children, and it is very important for children to develop three views.Xu Min and his wife had bought a house for their own flesh and blood. They thought Yao Ce was their own at that time, so they wrote yao Ce’s name directly.However, with the fermentation of the 28th incident, he learned that Yao Ce was not his own flesh and blood. Even after Yao Ce passed away, Xiong Lei still felt that the house was yao Ce’s legacy to him and his son Kai Kai, so he didn’t know what to say.On April 1, not long after yao ce’s one-year anniversary, Xiong Lei posted his old photos of traveling abroad on the Internet. At that time, It was clear that Xiong Lei was in a good mood when traveling abroad, especially when riding in a hot air balloon, with the guidance of a professional coach, but his pout was not cute at all.Xu Min couple’s experience is quite sympathetic, at the beginning was to use all the idea of Yao Ce body, heart and soul to cure yao Ce, this in the couple’s careful care, then yao Ce son Kai Kai was born.If it were not for xu Min’s efforts, how could Du Xinzhi have the so-called close grandson Kai Kai!But kai Kai’s future is still quite worrying, his father has passed away, and his mother’s three views have been ridiculed, even let Du Xinzhi couple to help take children all year round, it is estimated to be a super difficult thing, Kai kai is a child, in fact, is completely an innocent role!Now Kai kai occasionally old Du help with it, but from the picture xiong Lei posted before, it can be seen that kai Kai and Old Du are not close at all, and even some of the appearance of dislike!Before Xiong Lei can be said to be in the blessing in the blessing!Both mother-in-law and parents-in-law have to go to work, come back from work to cook for them a family of three, but also for their money, go out to travel to look at their children, and then take a hundred times the magnifying glass can not see the good, is blind!Daughter blind, parents also blind!What a family!Shameless greedy behavior, should be condemned by the whole society!Otherwise it will bring bad social atmosphere!I hope we don’t pay attention to all of it, don’t give this kind of people heat and flow.Not grateful Xu Min even, but also a rake, in the live network violence Xu Min.Such a person, how bashful anti-network violence?Xu Ma unfortunately in the lucky, is met by god have been sent away.Usher in the baby and the nation’s good daughter-in-law, a good man will have yuqing!