“The fate of the afterlife” snow falling, she embraced her daughter in front of the tombstone, hiss roar: finally found you

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There are so many types of network novels, but you book friends fall in love with ancient Chinese novels. How much fate do you think this is?Hahaha!Speaking of which, I believe we can’t wait!So let’s get to the subject together!Today xiaobing to introduce you to “the fate of the afterlife” snow falling, she hugged her daughter kneeling in front of the tombstone, hsing: finally found you first book: “the fate of the afterlife” author: Sweet strawberry 86 main line: “the fate of the afterlife” snow falling, she hugged her daughter kneeling in front of the tombstone, hsing: finally found you”You little monkey, you’ll get in trouble if you don’t stare at me. Don’t play such a dangerous game again, do you hear?”Cui manwen pretended to reprimand Zhang han-yu, saying also made a gesture to hit the child.Zhang Hanyu toward the side of dodge, mouth murmur to: “heard.””Line, son ang he is ok, also don’t scold the child.But if the tall men are prosecuted, neither you nor I will be able to answer.”Li Zhenghang was saying.Outside noisy, gao Junming regardless of human obstruction, straight into the hall.”Li Zhenghang!At least we are family friends. My son almost died in your house!”Gao Junming arranged in li Fu liner has already proved everything, at this time he is to xingshi for questioning.Li Zhenghang is not good to blame a child, then with the tone of apology said: “I did not take good care of ziang.””Hum!Where is Zi Ang he?”Said, Gao Junming was li fu men took into the bedroom, Gao Zi Ang has woken up, Wan Ning beside take care of.”I have seen uncle Gao, brother Zi Ang, he has been all right.”Wan Ning greeted her politely.”Father, why are you here?I’m all right now. Don’t blame anyone.”Gao Zi – ang wanted to get up.”You have a good rest and don’t mind anything else.Wan Ning and Han Yu are all right, you will almost die, this is too strange.”(click on the below free reading) the second: “hereafter”, “the author: jin yuan river the contents: the original in the class, there are a group of bullies debacle, headed by Chen Yongbo hurt them again and again, a few new arrivals, they several experience mood was out, there would be no when one thing, when is the experience.Chen Yongbo was thirteen years old and tall.He knew some people in the society, and often beat and abused those he could bully.After zhao Qingyun carried on several tests, Chen Yongbo thought that he could eat him completely.He ordered Zhao Qingyun to pay him one hundred dollars as a fee for his filial piety.Zhao Qingyun, Zhao Yong, Li Cheng, He Guang, Xiao Xixi their money is sent by the family, a month also only 800 money.Zhao Qingyun will not promise, of course, Chen Yongbo took more than ten people with sticks to zhao Qingyun surrounded, classmates a look to fight, are far onlookers up.And Zhao Yong, Li Cheng, He Guang, Xiao Xixi four people naturally come over to stand in Zhao Qingyun there.Those who receive filial piety fee but just the day after tomorrow entry, and because xiuxian has already reached the peak of the day after tomorrow five people since it is easy to finish their abuse, but when the gang walk said that they will find the gang killed them.Zhang bing comforted them and said, “I will pay more attention to your affairs in the future. I will be there as soon as there is anything.Don’t be afraid of anything. Do what you have to do, but don’t shoot or kill anyone.Make it big and we won’t be able to stay here.”(click below to read for free) the third: “afterlife life” author: Haitian wonderful content: Wu Xiao ‘en back against the wall sitting on the ground, eyes dull looking at the front, recall their own in the court, said that some earth-shaking words, incredibly do not regret.In fact, the current emperor is not bad, but like all previous emperors, he is addicted to alchemy and does not care about other things.The accidental death of their teacher such a loophole, just because of a successful Dan medicine, things in the past.Wu Xiaoen heaved a sigh, his time should not be much, and soon, you can go to see the teacher, and then on the road to do a companion.Wu Xiaoen thought so, slowly closed his eyes.He was half asleep when suddenly he heard a noise, small and buzzing like a mosquito.”Wu Xiao en…Wu Xiaoen……”Is it someone calling himself?”Wu Xiao en!It was a little louder.Wu Xiaoen slowly opened his eyes and saw a suspended mosquito in front of him…A little bit bigger…Mosquitoes with heads?A closer look, it turned out to be brother Sun, saying that since that time a little unhappy, has not seen each other for a long time.”Brother Sun.”Wu Xiaoen began to shout.”Wu Xiaoen, how can you fall into such a field?”Sun Wukong becomes mosquito buzzing ask.Wu Xiaoen smiled bitterly and told Sun Wukong exactly what had happened.Sun Wukong only sighed after hearing this, and then said helplessly: “No matter how depressed you are in your heart, you should not say so to the current emperor in the imperial court. This is a crime of beheading.”In the falling snow, she kneels in front of the gravestone with her daughter in her arms and shouts: “Finally found you don’t know today’s list of books. Have you touched your heart?”If you have a better novel, please share with us!Don’t forget to leave your lovely footprints in the comments section!