Winter Olympics merchandise is too “but person”, aunt steal finish still want to steal!The thief was arrested at Beijing Railway Police South Station

2022-06-27 0 By

Beijing as the history of the first double Olympic city, people really admire, and this time for the Winter Olympics, the city and the whole country are working hard.Of course, it’s almost impossible to watch the Games live this time, but you can still buy some winter Olympics souvenirs to join in the fun.So in many franchised stores, all kinds of Winter Olympics souvenirs are also attracted a lot of customers, not long ago in a winter Olympics franchised goods store in Beijing South Railway Station, came to a malicious old woman.Recently, a salesman came to the Beijing South station police station to report, she turned out to be the station inside the winter Otter merchandise store clerk, the same day in the inventory of goods found on the goods.Through checking the surveillance, it was found that an elderly woman broke into the store twice. The first time she stole two commemorative coins, and the second time she stole two badges and a silver bracelet.Don’t say the station is monitoring, the store monitoring also have four or five, the clerk can not understand, why this old woman so obsessed to steal it.Through the surveillance video, the police also restored the whole process of the theft of the old woman, I saw an old woman wearing a gray down jacket leisurely leisurely into the store, as if no one was watching playing with these Winter Olympics souvenirs.When she saw that no one was paying attention and the clerk did not observe her, she quickly slipped a small handicraft into her arms, and then did the same thing, stealing another item at another counter, which was satisfied to leave.But after more than 20 minutes, the old woman actually returned to the store, but she is not conscience to return the stolen goods, but feel that stealing once is not enough, but also want to continue to steal.This time she did the same, easily put the goods away, but happened to catch up with the shop assistant, who found the “bold” woman and immediately called the police.And at this time the old woman has not driven away, the police also through monitoring the old woman arrested soon, in the face of the police aunt is very reasonable, she said she is looking at these Winter Olympics souvenirs very like, so will not stop the theft of a few pieces of play.And the police’s words let her speechless, since like you why not buy?These items are not expensive, so why risk breaking the law by stealing them?As a matter of fact, the old lady was greedy for small gains and big losses. How could she afford to buy the 100 yuan souvenir, and she also paid the price for her stupidity and fluke. At present, the old lady has been detained by the Beijing Railway police according to law, so she can go home for the Spring Festival.We also remind you to pay attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic and take good care of your belongings if you want to take various public transportation during the Spring Festival travel rush.I believe that can like this old woman, the theft of passengers is very few, we mainly protect themselves!